Yard Work

We all know children learn what they live; thus it is a basic foundation of our parenting to make sure our boys live a life of skills.  We include them in our work; be it cleaning, shopping or yard work.   Yesterday we hiked the fields flagging the thistles for “spraying”.  The boys were right there with us, walking and looking too.

We are taking pains to make sure our boys learn to be men that someday will be careing for, and supporting a family.   It takes longer to let them hoe, and walk behind daddy and the tiller, and to plant and to weed and water; nevertheless that is how they learn.  Someday they will be teaching their children to measure and lay out a garden, or how to harvest their own food and they will remember these long night.





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3 responses to “Yard Work

  1. Wonderful. It is how children can learn to connect with the earth and carry this on thru their lives. I owe my father so much. Wish I could tell him

  2. Carolyn

    Awesome.. I agree with earthstonestation…. no better way to teach children than to get them involved in the work that you do. Keep up the good work.

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