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Yard Work

We all know children learn what they live; thus it is a basic foundation of our parenting to make sure our boys live a life of skills.  We include them in our work; be it cleaning, shopping or yard work.   Yesterday we hiked the fields flagging the thistles for “spraying”.  The boys were right there with us, walking and looking too.

We are taking pains to make sure our boys learn to be men that someday will be careing for, and supporting a family.   It takes longer to let them hoe, and walk behind daddy and the tiller, and to plant and to weed and water; nevertheless that is how they learn.  Someday they will be teaching their children to measure and lay out a garden, or how to harvest their own food and they will remember these long night.





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a little fun in the mud

Every little boy’s dream playdate —


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April 2012 pictures

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Easter Bunny Brought BIKES



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First Grade progress

We are really doing well with first grade.  As I posted before for reasons unknown to me; Big Brother is really excited to do any work deemed “First Grade”.  We have had less dawdling, and less pulling of teeth; it is not ‘picture perfect’; but he is a young, and a boy and frankly the perfect pictures are rare no matter what child(ren) you are working with.  We did have one day last week when we powered though everything (6 subjects) in 100 minutes.

So far we have added:

  • Story of the Would;   only on the first week and we started this first week then stopped, and are re-doing it.  I wanted to plan out better and get more resources, extra reading books and so on lined up.  This year in history is very important (see below) and he really likes it already.  In addition to the history readings, we are working our way though the activity guide and also several related read-a-loud as well as following along in our Bibles as well.
  • First Language Lessons;  only doing 2x a week right now.  He is flying though it and retaining it well.  My plan is to do it three times a week.
  • Spelling Power; on our second week.  I am not sure of my feelings right now.  We’ll power though it.

We are continuing in:

  • Mind Benders.  he doesn’t seem to be picking the logical squares up as fast as others, he is also stalled by me still needing to read them to him.
  • Spectrum Math  We have stalled out; the book is to a point that is beyond him right now.  So it has been tabled till he gets there.  We are focusing on memorization of math facts right now.
  • Math Minutes.  We do them twice a week.  I time them and we record the time.  After we make it all the way through; we will start over
  • Exploring the Code.  Currently part of the way though book 1 ½.  I have chosen, at least for now, to do the ½ books because he needs more practice writing, and the ½ books give him that.  If we were to stick with the whole number books only we’d already be at a level where the writing would be too stressful for him to learn the lesson.  He could do the lessons, but he could not do the writing; that would be useless frustrate him so much he’d miss the lesson even though he should be able to handle them.  As it is, the amount of writing makes the lessons that should be relatively easy for him, pulling teeth because he doesn’t want to write / doesn’t write well.  so I am useinf the half book, at this point, as much to slow progress as to offer extra practice.

We are finishing up

  •  Dragon logic (2nd to 3rd grade books anyway)  Big is really picking up the concepts well.  We just finished like 20 some pages of analogies and are starting ALL statements; he has not struggles at all.  He asks for this book.
  • Several Dollar Store workbooks; like a cars math one, and a Disney reading one (one that showed how little my boys know about many Disney movies – at least the ones that are NOT from my childhood!).

I just bought:

  • Biblioplan Year One.   “BiblioPlan’s curriculum is Christ-centered, literature-based, easy to follow and inexpensive.”  It pigeon-tails with Story of the World; offering more extra reading, and syncing Bible History with the SOTW chapters.  I am really excited.  This year in history is very important.  This year STOW is covering Ancient times, which are also – to us – Biblical Times.  So I feel it very important to take this year slow (going into next summer if necessary) and really cover each topic / time frame from both the secular and the Biblical point-of-view.   I only bought the teachers guide.  I wanted the synergized schedule of the Bible and SOTW and all the additional reading.  History is going to be a big subject for us this year.

I have on order:

  •  The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History.  A photo encyclopedia to give us visual images to “see” the history we are studying.
  • Truth Quest.  We will be covering “old” UShistory (Viking till I am not sure) as our Social Studies.  We feel it is important to look at the USyearly; but we also feel it is important to remember we are alone on this globe.  I had NO world history or cultures till high school and not much then.  My kids are going to study the US and our place in time, history and the world at-large from the start.

Things I still need to get / add (but I am going to give it some time to find a new normal with the new stuff we have and make some progress in finishing the things we need to finish up):

  •  Our new math program.  Right now we are working on memorizing our addition math facts; by ‘timed pages’ (that we do not yet time) and flash cards.  I won’t add Mammoth Math till September when we pick up after summer and the move.  Till then it is MATH FACTS!!!
  •  SonLight Science Level A:  Biology, Botany, and Physics.  they rate it as Kindy to 2nd level so it will be a soild fit for First Grade.  I really need an open and go science, science is not by best.  Daddy does a lot of science with them, but I feel we need something a bit more directed and orderly.

First Grade is just shaping up nicely; and we are both having a lot of fun.

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Adventure 4.7.12

Since we move in four months, we are trying to see all the sights here that we’d be sad to have missed.  Saturday we took a day adventure to Lee G Simmons Conservation Park.  We saw elk and bison and many other citters (and so amazingly cute baby turtles).  Be boyus got to burst, pet and feed goats, baby goats, and a very pregnant momma goat.  We saw a fgox, and black bears; we looked for wolves, following the whole walking trail but did not find one.  We lunched at a park before hand; and stopped at Bass Pro to see the Easter Bunny too.


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Molly Easter 2012

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