First GARDEN post of 2012

So it took a week, but I got my “to do” on the garden from last weekend done.  It is burned and mostly tilled.  It never did burn clean, like I had hoped.  I even raked the dry stuff up, and pulled up all the dried up vines in the yard around the garden too.

The garden is going to less full this year, with the move we do not want it to be as involved as last year.  The boys take an active role.  they helped pull vines, they even tried to help rake.  Both were very interested in the burning, a fascination they come by naturally.    Big Brother has requested watermelon this year, we’ll do pumpkins again t0o.








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3 responses to “First GARDEN post of 2012

  1. crystal

    I love how you include the boys in all of your work!

  2. If you are moving in July, they will probably miss harvesting their pumpkins and possibly their watermelon too (unless you found a very quick to mature variety.) Do they know this?

    To be on the safe side with the moving, I wonder if maybe your folks might also plant a pumpkin and a watermelon in their yard for the boys… just in case.

    We will probably end up with 3 varieties of pumpkins here. Charles wants to plant “Warty” a dark red-orange pumpkin covered in bumps. Henry wants to plant one that looks like it’s covered in peanuts. Ma wants the smaller, sweeter pie pumpkins to can or freeze the puree for pies and such through the winter. I think my boys are getting to the age that they are interested in making a more creepy and grotesque sort of Jack-o-lantern this fall.

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