Spring break 2012 #2 — MUD

We have a big creek at the back of our 33 acres, that the boys can no go to alone, or get in when we do go there. To the front of our land is a very small “seasonal creek” it will flow now in the spring, and some times after a big summer sotrm, but generally drys up by the heat of the summer.  the creek is small and very muddy, being the middle of a feild and not rock lines or tree covered.

While my friend and my three Godchildren visited we got a ton of rain, most days we were catching moments to toss the kids out to play around rain storms.  Two days the kid actually had good enough weather to go down to the little creek and play, and dig in the mud and muck and build dames and name islands and explore “waterfalls” (less than a food tall, the result of erosion).

Everyone got mud and muck from head to toe, and had to be shower and scrubbed off — the three little ones had mud in their ears!!  But there is no childhood fun like an afternoon at the creek, getting muddy and wet.



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