Sppring Break 2012 #3 — SCHOOL

Yes, school.  Going a full week with no “school” is just not realistic.  Big Brother is really enjoying geography; and we had planned to make a map of our yard so we decided to do this as a group activities with our visiting friends.

We made it a two day project.  The first day we quickly reviewed what a map is, what it is used for, and how we get maps.  I wanted the kids to realize for us to have a map of the road between Grandpa’s and us, someone has to travel it and make the map.  I lead them in collecting data for our map of the yard and house.  We measured the number of steps it took to go from location to location (from one end of the house to the other, from the house to the tree, and so on).  Later the Other Momma and I sat down and made a trial map and decided to divide all our numbers by 2, first of all that made the map fit the page better, and that also allow us to have the kids creat a key noting the scale of the map.  On the second day Other Momma made the actual maps with the kids; taking them step by step though all the data we had collected.

YES, yes I did the entire project as Super Teacher!!


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  1. Crystal

    fun project!

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