Budding Theologians

I think I am raising two budding theologians!

A few nights ago at bed time:

Big “Momma we can pray to God or Christ, right they are the same person”

Momma “Yes they are the same”

Little “NO [yelled] not the same.  God not born Christmas.”

Tonight at bedtime:

Big:  “how old was John The Babpist?”

Momma “when, he was a person, so he was born and got old”

Big “his mom and dad were old like Grandma and Papa.  An angle told his dad what to name him, right”

Momma “right.”

Big “could God make Grand Pat have a baby, if He really wanted to”


I love the innocent of children, and they sure seem to be learning their stuff.

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One response to “Budding Theologians

  1. Pat

    No, He wouldn’t!!!

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