Second Thoughts on FIRST GRADE

I have been honing our first grade plans.  I have been thinking about First Grade for a while (see).  Actually Big Brother could start First any time; and I have been struggling with “wait till fall” (that is going to be in the middle / right after our move) or starting now on at least some of it.  I know I want to school though June and in to July since our move is set for August and I do not see much happening in August or September school wise; at least not enough.  That gives us 3.5 months of First; realistically “waiting until fall” to start the new First Grade stuff is going to mean waiting till September (maybe the middle to end even) to start.  Not sure I like that.  I worry he is not challenged enough now; granted he is challenges by the process (sitting, doing, finishing) but not by the materials.  We have workbooks to finish we have been using this year; but I do not want to “stick to Kindy” work though the end of June.  I know I need to be challenging him more (on process and content) and that is going to be really hard to “start” in September or October.  Many of the books are listed as K to 1st as it is.  Granted I will officially enroll Big as Fist Grade in the fall no matter how far we are into the subject matter, but I really feel he is ready and waiting till September or October is would be unfair to him.  Ok, yes, part if it is just the excitement at starting new things, but a much bigger part of it is feeling he is ready.

So I have been refining our list of First Grade curriculum choices so I am sure I know what I want to use with him (and then with Little Brother in 2 more years).  My plan is to buy and add one core subject per month.  Along with that we’ll finish up the current stack of workbooks; I am good with adding extra time to our school day, I plan to spend more time schooling next year, so this is a good start.  After I have added the cores (Language Arts, Math, Science, History both US and World); I’ll leave the “extras” (music, logic) for after the move; for some time in September.  So by then we’ll be solid in our first grade work, used to more table time, and ready to flesh out our curriculum with music and art and so on.

The really cool things about buying our First Grade curriculum, is that with a few exceptions (like the Exploring the Code workbooks or the Bible Study workbooks) everything is non-consumable (Story of the World) or reproducible (Critical Thinking Company books) so most of the expense of FG is a onetime expense.

Here is the current plan (and, YES, it is significantly different that the draft I started with):


Explore the Code (example).  Continuing on from book to book as we are doing now.    (I already have the next 3 books on my shelf waiting for us, we are on the 2nd book)


Read-a-louds:  (see My Draft of Read-A-Loud

Language Arts:

First Language Lessons.  




Introduction to the Orchestra 


Introduction to Classical Music 

Also For after we finish our current Art Treasury:

13 American Artists Children Should Know 


13 Artists Children Should Know


Sonlight publishing level A  Biology, Botany, and Physics 

SOCIAL STUDIES – studying America

Truthquest History Guide: American History for Young Students Volume 1


The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child: Volume 1: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor, Revised Edition 

and the activity books


Read though the entire Bible hitting all the major stories:

Bible Study series continued from Kindy – the You Want Me to Do What series.


Symbols of Faith: Teaching the Images of the Christian Faith 


Building Thinking Skills® Primary

Hands-On Thinking Skills


Mammath Math


Mathematics Enhancement Programme  (year 2, doing year 1 as Kindy)



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2 responses to “Second Thoughts on FIRST GRADE

  1. Carolyn

    You are so smart, Aimee. Sometimes when you get started, I can’t follow you because your mind just goes ninety miles an hour! That’s a good thing, though, and your boys will benefit from your tedious planning. Keep up the good work… OH tell your mom hello from me!

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