“Spring” Semester Run Down

I did this, this past fall so I thought I would again give a run down of our curriculum and activities for thus new semester.

This time I shall be including the activities the boys are participating in, because I feel they add the necessary flesh to our structure of school.

You’ll note that some things have been changes since fall, some I did not like, and some I liked but felt was more than necessary and so, I admit, I have just not gotten worked in, my fault totally.
FALL in review:





Sign & Say: Bible Verses for Children   — DROPPED

Signing for Kids  — NOT STARTED YET






Gee looking at THAT summary it looks like we didn’t do anything this semester.  We ended up doing a ton of free printable worksheets and cheap dollar store workbooks.  A lot of phonics practice, a lot of math drills.  We did a great unit on American Tall Tales (I should write that up some time) and also read all of http://www.amazon.com/Around-World-Tales-Saviour-Pirotta/dp/075345999X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325858977&sr=8-1 Around the world in 80 Tales.

So here are the Spring Plans, it will be interesting in June to see how they worked out:



  • dual enrolled art with the local Kindy class 30 week (with ST)
  • Dual enrolled PE with the local Kindy class 30 minutes a week
  • Speech Therapy at local school 1x a week one-on-one
  • Awana’s
  • Little Ninjias (Taekwondo)
  • Additionally: 2 to 4 hours in gym time at the local Y


  • Dual enrolled per-school 6 hours a week (with ST 2x a week)
  • Active Kids at the local Y
  • Awana’s
  • Additionally: 2 to 4 hours in gym time at the local Y

I am looking to start them in swimming lessons in March.  I also looked at wrestling for Big but there vas a conflict.  Little might get to join the Little Ninja class (he is old enough, but we may let that be Big’s own activity).

Spring Curriculum


  • Pathways Phonics
  • Progressive Phonics readers
  • Dolch sight words
  • Exploring the Code workbooks
  • Additional dollar store colorful workbooks


Critical Thinking


  • Introduction to Classical Music
  • Introduction to the Orchestra


  • The Usborne Art Treasury




  • Pathways Science path
  • Random experiments and reading


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6 responses to ““Spring” Semester Run Down

  1. Crystal

    great plan!

  2. Rebecca Hunter

    I agree, let the older one have something special that’s “just his” activity. It will make him feel priviledged to be the older and I’ve found that this helps with maturity and responsibilty. Charlie (my older) gets to do “real 4-H” (ie. he has projects he can enter into competition at the county and state fair if he wants). Henry (little bro) is in Cloverbuds (pre 4-H)… he can only have “not for competition” projects. Still, the each have a rabbit (Charlie ahs the female rabbit and Henry has the male). This spring, probably sometime in March… okay not really “spring in SD”, dad is going to help them put Dilbert in the same cage with Daphne to make baby bunnies (let’s call this Intro to Biology class) and then Daphne should kindle (birth baby bunnies) in April. Charlie will be mostly responsible for taking care of said little bunnies once their mother weans them.
    Henry has a cookbook project and a gardening project he wants to do.
    Both of them feel priviledged over Baby Sister, who at 4 months can pretty much only chew on her fingers and roll over.

  3. Rebecca Hunter

    Charlie and Dad are working on a little carpentry project making nesting boxes for both rabbits to keep them warm during the hardest part of winter (Intro to Woodshop).

    Meanwhile I’ve been teaching some cooking skills to Henry (Intro to Home Econ)
    Next school quarter the boys will switch… I will work with Charlie on Home Econ and Dad will Intro to Shop on Henry with some small project (maybe and egg candler and a nest box for the mama ducks)

    In the spring (soon as we can start transplants) both boys will start taking “Crop Science” (Henry- Intro to veggie & flower gardening and Intro to Worm Farming and Charlie – Vegetables & Fruits for Beginners and Intro to Tree Farming… as we need to replace trees in our tree belt anyway we’ve decided on some evergreens for that.)

    Our “homeschooling” consists mostly of “life skills” and other things (faith, budgeting, real history (as opposed to the revisionist communist history the school teach), etc) they probably won’t learn at school, as they are enrolled full time in public school and get most of their acedemic learning there, except during the summer. I get quite a bit of resistance from the boys even in summer over traditional homeschooling in the acedemic subjects.

  4. Rebecca Hunter

    By the title of this I was hoping it was a plan for your spring gardening actually (rather than school plans). The weather’s been so nice, I am chomping at the bit for the garden catalogs to show up and start getting my garden organized for spring. I can’t believe it was 70 degrees in JANUARY yesterday! I went to town in a short-sleeved t-shirt w/ no coat and was drving w/ the windows down. Usually we have a foot of snow by now.

    • I am not sure the garden plans this year, house goes on the market in next few weeks, and we hope to be moved before harvest (told “this summer”) …so i don’t know how much of a garden i want to do or commit to —

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