even more books

I blogged about my TBR pile not too many days ago – then I went looking and, oops, I did not get all the books listed there that I have sitting here waiting on me. 🙂  So here are a few more for my list:

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.  I got this book long before I knew there was a movie coming out (despite not reading The Help until the movie came out – but I will not see the movie).  I requested this off paperbackswap.com because it was on a a “if you liked the Help” list.  I did NOT love the Help, found it very predicatable, but at least it was / is adult fiction; even “chich lit” without being all about ripped bodices and steamy love affairs and deadly love triangles.  sigh, that I refuse to read.  I hope Snow Flower is decent; if nothing else the books are always better.

The Plantation Mistress; woman’s world in the old South.  

The Sensory Sensitive Child.   

The Canning Season.   A Newberry Honor Book. 

The Virgin Blue  

Loving Each One Best : A Caring and Practical Approach to Raising Siblings   

The Magical Worlds of Narnia   I desire Magical World of Narnia Activity Book  to go along .  Some of the revives of this books are pretty harsh, it the turn out to be accurate also – then at least there is no big $ loss since I got it on paperbackswap and I’ll simple re-list it.  Either way the active book can’t be anything but cool ideas.


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