TBR pile

TBR pile — to be read.  eveyone has a pile, a shelf, a stack (many piles, many shelves).  Let’s talk about them.

I LOVE BOOKS, I LOVE TO READ.  IT IS A PASSION OF MINE.  I am a classic bookworm, that is a bibliophile a lover of books, not to be confused with The Bookworm, a villain on the 1960’s batman show.  Everyone that knows me, or reads my blog knows this.

A few past posts to looks at to see what I mean:

As part of this love affair with books, with the written word, I am always on the look out for books – bargain tables, paperbackswap.com, library sales and so on.  Eventually I end up with stacks of books sitting around I truly want to read, but have not yet gotten to.  The piles grow, the piles shrink as I buckle down and read my collection; then grow again; many books waiting in anticipation for my attention.

Today looking for a certain book, I realized my ‘unread pile’ was again getting out of control; or at least unwieldy.  I realized, or at least think, I have books on my shelves waiting for my notice that I still have on my “wish list” (my grand list of books I have read about, heard about, or encountered and though “gee I want to read THAT” – on the master list they go).  So it is again time to buckle down and read the amassed books sitting here waiting for me.

So here goes, here is a list of the books I currently have waiting for me:

So there you have it, the ‘stack” awaiting me.  Time to dive in huh?

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