Homeschool tool = library

I am not the first home educating mom to sing the praises of the library in general and a librarian in specific.  The home education family and library bond is expected, honored and fundamental.

The theme of THIS blog is the random visit’s treasure.

Today I ran to the library to return old books, make some copies and talk to someone.  After I accomplished my tasks I searched though the children’s shelves, blissfully, alone to look for a few beloved titles and to see what new I could find.

With no special order, no special search, no guided or intentional search, I found several books that fit our lesson plans for the next couple of weeks or that reinforce material already introduced.

We’ve been looking atNorth Americareading stories from different cultures and practicing locations on the map.  We have 2 more weeks on North America; and I am going to focus on the US; citizenship / the pledge, the President (the office) and talk about George Washington; finally we’ll read American Tall Tales (we have finished all the short stories from the Native Americans I am aware of in any of my collections).  As always we’ll continue to push on in phonics and math.

So here are the books – just pulled off the shelf:

All you have to do is look on the shelves.


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  1. I completely agree! The library is one of our greatest resources as homeschoolers. We go there every single week.

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