God by the numbers

Recently we have been studying what seems to fit under the title or heading “God by the numbers”.  Last week we looked at Exodus and the 10 Commandments.  Momma also escaped withOUT Big Brother asking “what is adultery”.  This week, Leviticus, we have been looking at 5 ways to show our love for God.

Today to tie it all together, and give them one more revive and hands-on experience we made a poster.

Momma did the prep work then the boys and I taped the items on to the poster and discussed each of them; one of our better discussions, giving examples of each thing (good or bad) and the reason it is important.  Reinforcing in God as beloved father that wants time and attention and that genuinely cares.

The 5 ways to Show God we are:

  • Pray and read his word (Spend time with him
  • Obey to show we are listening and attending to Him
  • Sing (or do art or write or make poems) Praises to his Name
  • Give in his Name.
  • Give ourselves to Him, lay our lives down for Him. 

We did use more simple language version of the 10 Commandments; and you’ll all be glad to know that today Big Brother DID ask what adultery is. 

The boys chose where they wanted to hang the poster in the house.



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2 responses to “God by the numbers

  1. Crystal

    nice idea! My boy knows 7 of the 10 commandments now. His sister is teaching him, it is so cute. Of course big sister had to ask what adultery was. We explained it really simply. We explained it is when A husband or wife also has a boyfriend/girlfriend.

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