A day at school (8.18.11)

The boys are young, only Big Brother is official though Little is not to be left out of anything, he sit at the table for Brother’s school better than he sit for anything.  He doesn’t do it quietly, but he can rarely be enticed to leave while school is on, and runs ahead of us to the school table, chanting “ool, ool ime, ool”.  He may be reading before Pre-K4/5 next fall (he is technically PreK3/4 this year and not Kindy till fall 2013.

The day starts with fine motor arm up – to keep the fingers busy while the ears listen to Bible stories and discussion.



Warmed hands practice handwriting.  An area we need more focus, but an area Big really resists. 

This day we moved on to math and got out our animal counters. 



Practicing Greater than (>) and Less than (<).


Little Brother is working on, or at least scribbling on, erasable books to practice his colors, matching skills and other pre-school tasks, however, he is much more interested in Big Brother’s materials then putting any effort into his own.  🙂


What would school be without SNACK TIME; a nice day calls for snack outside. 




Science – we made homemade lava lamps.   Next I am going to try:  http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/make-a-groovy-lava-lite-709006/ (yes Momma misses her lava Lamp, I simply do not trust the boys yet, soon, I hope to have it back out). 



Finally, what is a day without a caterpillar?



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3 responses to “A day at school (8.18.11)

  1. Cute! For what it’s worth, Goose resisted reading until she was almost 7 (though she could read a little) and writing until she was almost 9, but now she loves both. Sometimes it just takes time 🙂

  2. Loved the glimpse into your day. Love the way your little one wants to join in. My preschoolers that I am really working with are 3 and 4.5, but my 16 month old loves pushing the chair up to the table to join in.
    Stopping over from the NOt back to school hop

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