a school room, a work in progress

This is a second installment in the evolution of our “school area”.

Yesterday  my mom and I cleaned and cleaned on our family’s unfinished basement.  The plan, then, vas to make a messy space for me and the boys (the boys anyhow) mainly for art and science.

Today we pulled all the tubbies out of the laundry room, and cleaned up all the stragglers, and sorted the stacked ‘not put up’ in to the correct art or school related tubbies (binders, tubbie and labels, a minor addiction of mine).  Once we had the laundry room all cleaned out, and my mother amazed at the amount of stuff I have pack-ratted away in there.  I started thinking; maybe I’d move all of our school to the basement area. 

Art supplies and school supplies, do over lap a lot.  The boys are only 3 and 5 so most of our school activities involve manipulative, or big paper or crayons or…you get the idea.  So creating an artificial division between school and art, or school and messy is not really practical.  That was simply going to mean a lot of stuff being carried up and supposedly back down and that is counter productive to the idea of the space in the basement helping improve the order and tidiness of the home. 

Today I made a TO DO / DONE magnet board for the boys.  I have laminated subject cards from before when I attempted a work box system  (modified) with them, but they are really too big so I’ll be making new ones.  My plan is to post our day’s subjects on the TO DO half, and let big Brother move them as the are accomplished so that he can see his progress and eventually he can start to learn the process of working though a to do list.

So the choice made all the school and art and other supplies were carried down to the basement and neatly stacked.  The basement is unfinished, so basically everything is setting on the floor; I do not think I am even going to ask Hubby to install shelves, since they’d just have to be removed to paint and finish the area.  He did tell me we can get an utility sink and run the drain via hose to the sump pump (hot and cold water on the north wall, by the dresser); that will make it nice and less messy.  I do plan to hang clothes line in several places to hang art on.  I have some posters to put up also, and I am going to ask Hubby to hang our TO DO Board.  That will warm the space up and make it more friendly and welcoming.  I also still need to take the chairs downstairs for the boys; I was not going to take chairs when it was just for art and science, but now that I have decided to have all our school there (or most of it, the seat work anyway) I need the chairs.

So there you are, a second installment in the evolution of our school area, stay tuned more to come.






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6 responses to “a school room, a work in progress

  1. I don’t know what your ceiling is like, but could you drape some fabric on the ceiling to soften it too? http://sweetlittlethrills.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/ceiling-small.jpg That would be pretty cute, I think 🙂 We had an unfinished basement in our previous house that we eventually finished, so I know what you mean about using the floor! I painted a big piece of plywood w/magnetic and then chalkboard paint for a place for the girls to draw and play and that was a hit in ours- we just screwed it into the wall.
    I’m in the process of figuring out what areas we are going to use for school. You and your mom should come help! 😉 Yours looks fabulous!!! I know the boys will love it.

  2. It looks like you have been working hard!! I turned our basement room into a playroom. To brighten the ceiling I used big tissue balls, and I used plastic shelving to hold the toys. I’m sure it will be nice for you to have all your things in one space. Dragging things up and down stairs is such a pain!

    • can you explain who you did the tissus paper balls? sounds intresting. I am trying to make the space more finished untill we finish the bastment (this winter?? not sure). I don’t want to do stuff like hang shleves and so on — since it is going to be moved and the basement offcally finished.

  3. Looks like you are off to a great start! I love the idea of a workbox system and would have tried it if I heard about it when my kids were younger. Have a great school year!

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