Room of our own


You all know that for a long time I have bemoaned doing art and science in the kitchen.  Yes it has good light, yes it has tile, and yes it has running water.  However to do art or science I have to clean up everything before getting out supplies, then I have to clean up the project ASAP so that normal kitchen duties can resume.  It is a struggle to have paint in the sink, and Little begging for food.  Or the constant question here to put art to dry and so on.  I lust after a school / art room; and if we build again, or remodel, I shall have one.  That however does nothing for the here and now.

So I took it upon myself to create a space for me and the boys to stretch our wings a bit in the art and science area; thinking I might be more adventurous in my efforts if we had more dedicated space (that was not full of our food and dishes).  Our basement is unfinished and there are a number of tubs and boxes, I have been slowly, very slowly, packing up non-essentials in hopes of someday soon (rather than later).  Today Grandma (my mom) helped me CLEAN the basement; we re-arranged all the tubs and storage stuff, we cleaned out trash (2 big trash cans fun, then some) took a bunch of recycling (filled back of pick-up with trash and recycling).  We swept and used the shop vac.  By the way, the shop vac is THE way to go on spiders; I must have sucked up 50 of them in one corner I do not think had been touched / used / moved since we moved in to the house in 2005. 

I am using a chest from my childhood bedroom, and a wicker-folding-thing (official term there) that was my paternal grandmother’s.  I have set up a adjustable table that was mine in college.  I set the table at a standing height for the boys.  I have a 2nd table like it, when the boys get older they can each have one, and adjust it as they like (angled like a drafting table, taller, shorter, etc).  The basement is plumbed for both a dog room (with hot and cold running water and a floor drain) and a full bath; our ‘messy area’ is where the dog room will some day go – so not only do we have hot and cold running water right by us (no sink) we have a floor drain.  Maybe an utility sink would not be too hard to install if we just ran a hose to the sump pump?  Hum, something to think about.


 Tomorrow we are moving the art supplies out of the laundry room and hanging a clothes line to hang art on; and I am taking the drying rack I always use for art down there too.  This should free up space in the laundry room, and make the supplies more accessible for getting out and putting up. 


I’ll update tomorrow with new photos after we take all the supplies down.  I am thinking, I am also going to store my school supplies there too, we’ll see how it all works. 




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2 responses to “Room of our own

  1. Alex

    So excited for you, awesome space!

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