Second day of school survived.  Little Brother has a very very hard time not CHATTERING at me, he always wants HIS TURN and he stays on no distraction task more than 45 seconds, and ohhh the messes.  Nevertheless we made it through and Big Brother is doing well and I am happy with our choice.  Little Brother shall be spending 6 hours a week at the district pre-school (2 3-hours days) starting in September for his services, I see that block of 6 hours as vital to our math and phonics and some more challenging science.

Made slime for the boys today – Big Brother loves science and begs for it.  https://scribinglife.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/a-slimely-quest/

Remembered to get out and water and work in the garden before it got too hot.  Yesterday school started at 7; today we did not get to the table till 9.  Worked outside, the showered, then got down to education. 

The garden is exploding.  The cantaloupe, pumpkin, gourd, and cucumber veins have all grown together in to a mass like only Stephen King could think up.


It is more important to me that the boys learn to garden, and Steward God’s creation, that that each and every veggie be eaten by us.  So I had both boys out with me today, again, in the garden.  Big is really getting good at spotting the produce in the vines and being careful around the plants; and to hear Little Brother say “I elp ooo?” with great expectation in his eyes before he steps off the grass in to the dirt of the garden is worth everything in the world to me.  His little face, the way he desire to be a part of the activity how hard he tries; it will melt your heart.  He jumps, joyfully, to do any task you can give him, and is so diligent at it.  I love that child so much, if he could stay as he is today forever, I’d feel God with me always.  Little Brother picked a couple of very pretty, but not ripe, tomatoes.  I have heard mom say that is why she gave up on growing tomatoes – I kept taking the little ones to her for her to ‘see”.


We have several nice pumpkins and the start of several (I am several) gourds.  Picked 12 cucumbers today, peppers, green beans and a few tomatoes.  We are anxiously waiting for the Big Boy tomatoes to get ripe for our summer love BLTs.  We have a lot of big ones, but they remain green.


We had a good haul today and the boys were part of it, so I am not too upset to sacrifice 2 tomatoes to the greater mission. 



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3 responses to “8.2.11

  1. Fried green tomatoes 🙂

    WOW, woman, your garden is doing wayyy better than mine this year! I’m so jealous of your gourds! They’ll be so cute come fall. I wish I had planted cucumbers this year- I really miss having them. There’s always next year though 🙂

    • next year we have to enlarge our space and if we want to add anything, we have to really enlarge our space, we did not leave enough room this year.

      NOT doing corn next year, 2 fails years is enough for me. I can buy it — local grown — easy enough.

  2. Oh, and if you sit the tomatoes on a windowsill for awhile, they will ripen inside too.

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