Choose a title:

  • First Day of School 2011-2012 school year?
  • First Day of Kindergartner for Big Brother?
  • First Official Day of school at Scribing Life Academy?

Today was the day.  We started officially home schooling, legally registered with the State, for the 2011 – 2012 school year, Big Brother’s Kindy year. 

We started right after Daddy left, and were working at the table by 7 am.  The boys are just better bright and early. 

Today we did a number of “first day of school” activities that will not be part of our normal day (like photos, and drawing a picture of ourselves and so on).  So on a normal school day we’ll get to “academics” sooner than we did today.  Today school lasted from 7 am till 9:45 with two short breaks.  I need to move math and phonics up in the day, of course today we did a lot we generally won’t.  This week in general is a bit off; since we’ll be traveling Friday.  (Math and phonics and maybe a few thinking worksheets are going with us – 30 minutes to 45 minutes at Grandma’s table is totally doable; even better Daddy can take the Chatter Box). 

Big Brother did great: we started our memory verse, talked about the new words in it, talked about what the Bible is and facts about it.  We did 2 lessons of math and then practices letter (identification and filling in the missing and putting flash cards in order).   Little Brother hung at the table all the time, did not leave our sides for a moment.  He chattered constantly, not one to be left out, even for a moment.  Big brother counted up to 70 all by himself; I was quite impressed.  Little Brother made it to 8 all alone; both boys will soon make their counting goals.  I was more impressed when Big Brother counted from 10 to 0 all by himself, without hesitation.  So Momma can check THAT goal off LOL.

So now we wait and see if the boys are as cheerful and agreeable again tomorrow. 

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  1. Crystal

    Congrats to your boys for starting their first day! Being done so early in the day is awesome. I wish we could start that early. We usually do not start until 9:30ish, and finish between 12-1pm.

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