Nature Club

In keeping with out family focus on the Great Outdoors; both being at ease in them and learning our God given role as steward, I have been seeking out education outdoor opportunities for the boys.  The boys have been enrolled in the Heed Nature Club.  It is a once a month nature club for kids, it meets all 12 months of the year at The Brenton Arboretum and seeks to explore how the same land changes with the seasons.  I love home schooling, our boys can continue all year long focusing on the important things as they happen.  I am glad our boys can be out in the community, and not rank and file in an ever constant classroom; peers are important but no adult spends all day sitting in a row of age-mates competing identical assignments in some factory like scene al la The Producers accounting office.  I am happy to see my boys enjoy age-mates, but I am doing more towards raising functional successful adults when they learn the give and take of a mixed age group. 

In July the theme was flowers, and they also searched creek rocks for evidence of hatched bugs and other creatures.  In August they will be catching butterflies.  I personally like activities at the Brenton Arboretum because there is a staff involved, so the education burden is shared for Momma; and also because as a family we do a good deal of Prairie exploration and visiting, it is nice to put some time in ‘on trees’.   Also, Momma never fails to learn something too (today about a couple of invasive weeds and deer leeches).   In July there were no other families there, I am really hoping that in August and other months there will be.  I feel the boys would get a lot more out of the time if they vere part of a small group and not the only kids there.  They had a great time, and we played at the great natural playground after the hike.  The day was hot, so we hiked only an hour and not two.  My two monkeys climbed till they were so hot Momma had to make them leave. 





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4 responses to “Nature Club

  1. Carolyn

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful… love the pics, love the idea of focusing on the great outdoors, just love it all… You are awesome, Aimee!!!

  2. Crystal

    I love how much time you guys spend outside.

  3. pamela

    looks like a great experience and fun time too! I’ll have to look for something like that next summer for my kids!

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