haveing fun but not getting too hot

Staying cool in the heat of summer, AND keeping children occupied and happy is not really easy.  The boys and I traveled to see my folks and other beloved family members on maybe the hottest week of the summer.  Daddy inFlorida had more temperate and enjoyable weather than we did.

We took the kids out EARLY (hitting the park at 8 am) and utilized a lot of water to try to keep body temps and moods in a functional range.  Little Brother especially simply looses all energy in the heat, like a flower that falls to the side limp.  In 100+ temps exhaustion hit all the kids, hard and early.

We managed to have a great time with family but missed many of the activities we had planning on (ZOO to see elephants for one) and did a lot less hiking and going than intended.



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2 responses to “haveing fun but not getting too hot

  1. Crystal

    It looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. pamela

    looks like fun! we do the same, go out early and in by 10 or 11 when it’s so hot!

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