even in the heat, dirt must be DUG

…and wild little creature chased and the general peace of God’s creation broken.  Fish and turtles must be spied, spiders sought (and thankfully NOT found).  Children must run and climb and dig and play and learn and interact with each other and also the real world around them.  Nine year old must teach 3 year olds where the fish hide, and Princesses must be escorted. 

Our Missouri trip did NOT include all the outdoor activities momma had planned, the least of was the zoo.  Sad to miss elephants and hippos and all the great animals our local zoo doesn’t have.  There were also some outdoor exploring sites momma had hoped to make it to, but it was dangerous hot so for the most part nature went undisturbed by us.  However, one morning, early, we did hit the Springfield Nature Center for some dirt digging time.  The moms found a bench in the shade and let the kids loose, I assume the animals returned later :).


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One response to “even in the heat, dirt must be DUG

  1. Crystal

    digging dirt is always a favorite of my kids!

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