Prairie Learning


Our family puts an emphasis on nature and the out of doors and the connection to God that can be found in His Creation, and also the call to good stewardship that we are all under.   Additionally big open, outdoor spaces are GREAT for active enthusiastic exploring little boys like we are blessed with.  So nice when purpose and application mesh so well.

We have taken the boys to Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge before; and this month we took a day trip there again.  There is an interactive center (The Prairie Learning Center ) that has many hands on activities for the boys.  There are miles of trail, but this year the day proved too hot so our family took a short one and called it good.  We keep hoping to get to try one of the longer prairie trails, but the size and skill of the boys and the weather have so far conspired to keep us from trying it.









The boys got to physical explore many Buffalo items; then see, right in front of the car, a live buffalo lumbering across the road in the protected enclosure.  Our family did not see any elk, sadly. 

Big Brother spotted this guy first!!



  So we march on, with the goal in mind of raising good stewards of the land, boys that will be men at ease face to face with animals and not merely looking at them on a computer (or as Daddy would poke me, in a book) able to care for themselves, their families and God’s creation. 



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4 responses to “Prairie Learning

  1. Meg

    A BUFFALO!!!! cool =)

  2. pamela

    LOVE the buffalo in the road! and I thought my deer and red fox in the back yard were amazing! AWESOME! Was he alone or was there a heard nearby? Do you normally see buffalo out there?

    • there is more to the herd at the park, there were a couple of smaller (full grown) ones with this one when we first saw him far off, but not as he crossed the road, he was alone then.

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