four generations

Ok technically the photos are only three generations.  I (the missing generation) and not in any of the photos.

Grand Pat and I took the boys to see MY Grandmother, Grandma Bea.  My Grandmother, their Great-Grandmother.  See four generations (them, me, Grand Pat / my mom, and Grandma Bea)

The boys loved on her, and talked to all the residents they met in the halls.  The both gave her a hand massage and worried about her not getting to go outside, and also about her blankets.  Big Brother told Grandma Bea that ‘her playroom had the same toys has his, but no ball pit’.  He had noted their OT / PT room had many of the same toys and tools that the OT room he goes to has, but sadly no crash pad or ball pit. 

It saddens me greatly NOT to be able to take my boys each and every week to spend time with Grandma Bea.  If it was not a 7 hour drive we’d see her at least once a week if not twice.  If it, even, was only 2 hours we’d make the trip weekly.  I miss her, and the boys love to see her so much.



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3 responses to “four generations

  1. pamela

    Aww! You are so lucky Grandma Bea got to see her great grand kids. How wonderful for you all. Wow she has changed so much, how could so much time pass! I feel bad I havent seen her in 12 years I think. Hugs to you all!

  2. Crystal

    You are so lucky to still have her. Your boys are so lucky that they get to know her. This brings tears to my eyes. How I wish my kids got to know their wonderful great-grandparents. V got to meet my Nana, but she was only 13 months old when she passed, so she has no memory of her. 😦

    • I so long to be there, or only 2 hours off, so i could take them each week — I want at least Big Brother to remember her. Grandpa Grikpa just passed away; and i do not think they’ll have lasting memories of him. I vas so happy to hear that Big Brother told her “you look better than last time i saw you at the farm” so he IS remembering and connecting the dots.

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