**oh my we really did it**

Today Big Brother and I stopped by the district office today, and handed in his The Competent Private Instruction Report (and got a stamped copy for our file). 

He is officially a home school kindergartener for this fall. 

The Competent Private Instruction Report is also published annually by the Department of Education.  All home schooling parents in Iowamust file a Competent Private Instruction Report for every child of compulsory school attendance age (6-16). 

***Note: I am not a member of NICHE they take the stance that Catholics are not ‘Christian’.  Nevertheless their forms are great, and their site is easy for reference, so as a dear dear friend told me “do not join, just use the forms”***

Kindergarten is actually legally optional in our home state (thus the compulsory age being 6); this is actually true in 33 or 34 states but no one makes much effort to make that fact widely known.  Big Brother is not honestly compulsory school aged, if he did not have an IEP I’d not report on him till next fall.  However he has an IEP for speech that we chose to continue at the end of last year.  Last year he was ‘enrolled’ as a home schooled pre-k part time classroom (dual enrollment more or less) so that means this year, to continue the IEP, we had to have  him as ‘home schooled kindergarten’ since he has hit the cut off date for kindy enrollment.  I am fine with enrolling him, official, this fall.  He has a late birthday as it is, so if he was in the classroom (or someday is in the classroom) he’ll be one of the oldest in the group, and since his maturity is currently lagging behind his age that shall be a good thing for him. 

We are not sure what we will be doing with his IEP if anything, this fall, since the building is to have a new SLP.  Nevertheless the dual enrollment allows him access to the gifted teacher, and inclusion is all assessment and evaluations done with the classroom 5 and 6 year olds.  The kindy kids do not do state wide or national testing, but the gifted teacher does evaluate their math and reading level and determine any ‘missing links’ for children that have many of the basic skills at the start of the year; this is a benefit that could serve us well, and certainly can’t hurt.  Since we have the IEP in place, the dual enrollment seemed the logical choice.

We also submitted the mandatory Plan of Instruction forms

Plan of Instruction forms — lined or unlined — may be used to comply with the requirement on the Competent Private Instruction Form (Form A) for an attached outline of course of study 

I used an abbreviated form of the curriculum list I have posted here on this blog.  

So I crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s and handed it in. 

We are official. 

We did it. 

Oh my……………………



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  1. Crystal

    Good luck!! 😀

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