fishing as a life skill

Both our boys love to go fish with daddy.  Little Brother, I think, more so than Big Brother.  I strong encourage this love, despite not really being so excited myself about standing in tall grass on the edge of muddy water constantly worried about one or both boys falling in, and the bugs too, but mothering is not about me it is about the boys.

Fishing teaches so many indispensable life skills for the boys (for all children, and all adults for that matter) vital skills that are not fun to learn or practice, fishing sneaks them in without the boys realizing they are learning life skills.  Ah the best way to learn, on the sly.  

Fishing required patience, calm, a quiet settled self; fish must be waited on and not startled, they can not be argued or bullied and do not give in the whining, the skill must be there or the fish will not.  Fishing required order and attention to detail and care of your tools; fishing poles and hook can not be tossed about or they tangle and you hurt yourself on random shapes.

Being slow, being precise, being intentional, being still; all inherently necessary in fishing are essential skills for a successful life.  They are also skills that facilitate an active relationship with God.  As the body stills, as time is cut a way to just be and wait upon the fickle fish God can be sought and contemplated; in the still silence, in the quiet of body and mind God’s voice can be heard.

These photos are from early June of this year and the FIRST FISH MOMMA caught.



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3 responses to “fishing as a life skill

  1. Carolyn

    YAY Amiee…… whatta fish!! My daddy was an avid fisherman… I was always in awe of the fact that he could sit for hours at a time, wait for the fish to bite, catch him, then cook him for supper. He was a man who probably had ADHD, but he could fish like no one else. What a life lesson…

  2. Crystal

    yay! You look great in these pics!

  3. I wish I could quiet MY soul as we fish, but for now there is too too too much momma work “get back” “do not lean over like that” “watch it that has a HOOK on it” and so on …. maybe someday

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