catching up: art

While my three Godchildren were here with there momma, I had three art projects planned out for the kids.  We were blessed with AMAZING weather while they were here:  Michelle and I were able to take the kids to two parks, to a pool and to the zoo.  Thus, only one art project got done.   

We made Father’s Day sun catchers.  All five kids made one, and Michelle and I did too, later, the kids needed enough help she and I could not do ours with them like we planned.

Michelle and I prepped this project.  I made the paint ice; we used tempera paint mixed with water, not water colors; because I have tempera paint and do not have water colors in power form, great reason huh?  So, the colored ice is sitting in the deep freeze waiting, I’ll either use it with the boys some hot day, or save it till Michelle and the kids are back in August. 


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