A Story of Sisterhood and a trip to the zoo

A tale of sisterhood: 

I am, by birth, an only child.  God in His love had gifted me with two friends (BFF) that have filled the roll of sister better than a random biological connection could. 

One is names Kay (remember the names in this Blog, for protection, are not necessarly real unless they are of a professional in our lives) and the other is Michelle. 

I have known Kay since I was 3 and she 4, and neither of us care to tell how long THAT has been.  At this point we’ve been friends longer than we admit to being alive.  🙂  Kay has two children a boy born in 2003 and a girl born in 2007 (and the girl looks JUST LIKE HER).  Kay and I have never lived in the same state; we met because her Grandmother lived across the street from my parents.  We are currently 9,870 miles apart.

I have known Michelle since High School, which sadly is also longer ago than I care to think about.  Michelle has three children, my first Godson born in 1999, her 2nd son born in 2002 and a little girl born 2 day after Little Brother (2007). 

We were blessed to play host to Michelle and her three children this past week; we all parted counting the days until our family visit to their home in July and their return to our place in August. 

 A trip to the zoo:

Michelle and I enjoyed taking all five of the kids to the zoo.  Kind of cloudy, but no rain, little wind.  In the mid-70’s it vas an ideal late spring day; concerns about the sun, and heat, and related grumpies did not play a part in our day.  The day was excellent. At the zoo we gave each child a notebook and a colored pencil and had them keep a ‘journal’ of the animals we saw.  The other two boys had to write the name of each animal, Big Brother had the first letter and the twins had to put a sticker (animal stickers are so fun).  The older boys were not so impressed but the ‘three little kids’ loved the sticker hunt; we saw a baby camel nursing on it’s momma and all five kids stood for a time to view that.  The zoo animals sat still more, and were easier to take pictures of than our 5 rug-rats but no one got lost, or hurt or had their feeling too crushed.  Big Brother got to practice basic map reading and the kids got to pet a snake and a baby American Alligator.  A good day. 


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One response to “A Story of Sisterhood and a trip to the zoo

  1. pamela

    Great blog! Great story! Sisterhood is essential! Especially when biological family doesnt always exist to support people! Hey I think that little girl was born in 2007. Just saying…Great photos! Jealous!

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