how does your garden grow?

MUCH BETTER than last year!

Each moring, the boys and i get up and water the garden.  This is a double pleasure.  Sometimes it is so hot (like yesterday 99 actual) and getting them out early to run and play makes sure they get out and get to run.  I have them go out in the PJs because, can YOU water and pull some weeds and not get muddy?  Could you at 3 and 5?  Hey, they have to get out of PJs and into their clothing anyawy — might as well get a little more use out of the PJs. 



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6 responses to “how does your garden grow?

  1. Carolyn Bledsoe

    Jealous….. wish I had the space for a garden. Miss my fresh veggies… good pictures of the kids and you, Aimee..

  2. crystal

    Great pics as usual. I think having kids do a garden is great. This the fist year we are doing one. We are doing broccoli, snap peas, tomatoes, and one cucumber plant. (Ran out of room, didn’t feellike digging more). It is purely the kids responsibility to go out and water it everyday. They planted all of the seeds. I hope it produces some food. I will feel really bad if it doesn’t after all of their hard work.

  3. pamela

    LOVE the black and white full length of Big Bro! It looks like it was taken in 1950! Long pants no shirt! Awesome! Great work on the garden! you are better than me! Looks like great fun! I could never be so organized!

  4. Auntie Roo

    Love it, reminds me of Scott when he was little, the pix of Theo minus the curly hair, I remember him having hair more like Charlie.

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