Today—for the first time ever – ever – Little Brother was dry all day.  He got to wear a pull-ups (bad momma, has not dug out the cloth training pants yet), and was dry from the time we got dressed (before 9 am) till 5:30 when we did water play before Pj time. 

I am very impressed, he has never stayed dry any real amount of time before, and all of the sudden to go all day.  He used the bathroom at all 3 stops we made today (like Target).  I have to admit to being caught off guard.  I admit to hoping to be out of diaper this summer, but really he has not demonstrated any progress till today. 

We stopped at target quickly to see if I could find ABC stickers.  When my Godchildren are here are here next week I am going to have all the children make a father’s day craft  and I have seen, in the past, pads of ABC stickers in the dollar section at Target.  They did NOT have the sticker, but I made a cool random find.   Flash cards of musical instruments.  72 different instruments, including picture and description.  The description includes name, origin (location and time) their classification and how to play.  I am so excited.  All the standards ones (cello, tuba, drum, flute) and may others (The Chinese Lute, the bagpipes and the BALALAIKA – have to look that one up?  See here).  I think it is a pretty cool find for only a dollar.


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2 responses to “6.07.11

  1. crystal

    Go little! Woo hooo!

  2. pamela

    Wow good find! And congrats to Little Brother! As far as daddy not reading til after F day…good luck with that one! My hubby would have definately opened it up! But good news is you didnt really say waht craft you are doing. Am jealous I cant be there to do it too! Good news is, in 2 weeks I’ll at least be in the same time zone as you!

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