Little Brother’s tonsils and adenoids removeal

Little Brother has had, and continues to have, many on-going medical issues.  Since Jan. 1 he has been on anti-botic at least 60 out of 150 days.  He has been diagnosed with Periodic Fever Syndrome.  Here is a list of relevant blog posts to bring you up to date:

So yesterday, May 31 2011, Little Brother had his tonsils and adenoids removed.

Little Brother was well prepared.  Grand Pat bought us hair nets and face masks to try on.  Little Bother got to see Grand Pat dressed up like the nurses and staff he’d encounter at the surgery center.  She also brought him on of the child sized face masks like he’d encounter in surgery (to go to sleep, IV inserted after he was asleep).  He got to practice “smelling the funny mask” all by himself so that “Little Brother do”.  He and Big Brother had a good time dressing up and going “nite nite”.  Little Brother understood he was going to put on different PJs and then go night-night with a funny mask and then the doctor was going to take the ouchy parts out of his throat.  We practiced several times and he was ready and not at all nervous. 

Little Brother could have nothing to eat or drink after 2 am, this was a concern, half a sleep he doesn’t like to be denied and while he is happy not to nurse all day, not getting to nurse over-night is generally not an agreeable thing.  so momma dutifully tried to wake him at 1:30 to allow him to nurse, but he’d not wake up.  Momma got up at 4:45 to shower, then I got Little Brother up and dressed – this did not make him really happy but I was so glad he did not demand to nurse or eat or have a drink.  Dressed in bed (new diaper only he wore his PJs) then right into car seat.  The trip in to the center started at 5:30 am; at the center — on time — at 6:15 am. 

The day went pretty easy, save the annoying 50 minute wait between being put in a little closet and told to dress Little Brother in a cute little gown and then seeing another human.  His procedure was done at outpatient at Lakeview Sugary Center.  I’d really NOT suggest it to anyone that had a choice.  I will be filling out the survey accordingly  and also addressing management.  There is simply no reason for anyone to do a job poorly, or for a business not to take care of the client.  There were several problems, inattentive staff that acted clearly bothered to have to deal with the families and plainly did not like children.  No soda machines or other options for the families waiting; families that can not leave the building, I might add.   The office / Front Dest staff acted like the children were a problem to be put up with.  Mostly importantly I honestly believe they could work their schedule better, there is no reason for us to sit around in a room smaller than my master closet for 50 minutes with a THREE YEAR OLD and many buttons and other things he can’t touch or open or mess with.  They are very lucky he was in a GOOD MOOD.  50 minutes of waiting in a small room full of stuff that he is not supposed to mess with, had he been in a bad mood due to no food or drink could have been ugly and frankly I was ready to let him loose on the center and their staff after 10 minutes (an acceptable amount of time to for an wait to be) – I should not be put in a position to fight my son due to their incompetence, and would not have.  Our surgery was at 7:30 so you can not tell me they were “running behind” that early – it was simply poor planning on their part.  They are professionals, this is what they do and they really should be able to better. 

Little Brother did great, Daddy blew up gloves and made them fly and then tied them off as balloons.  Little Brother played Pocket Frogs on the iPod and we were able to keep him happy until the doctor was ready for him.  Lake View Surgery center could sure use a transfusion of CHEERFUL staff.  The 2 nurses that did direct care on Little were very nice – but the other staff we dealt with (front desk, check in, and the RN that ‘directed parental traffic – talking us back to see the doc after surgery, giving us care directions before we got Little Brother back, and leading us to him in recovery) all needed a major attitude adjustment.  If you do not like your job, get a different one, being rude, rushing and acting like you are bothered by your routine responsibilities is just unacceptable.  The direct care nurses that we worked with were very nice; though still not overly attentive they were better than the rest of the staff.

The Anesthesiologist came to the room himself to get Little Brother.  He asked Little “do you want to want or want me to carry you…” (I think he was going to suggest something like “to see my tools” or something to entice the child to go); he was not done with the first part of his statement and Little Brother was out of the room and down the hall.  The Anesthesiologist had to hurry to catch up and direct Little Brother to turn correctly.  Little barley waved back at me and Daddy looking at the door at him.

The surgery was fast; and we are told without incident.  The tonsils and adenoids and were very swollen at removal but not infected.  Actually when I got him to let me see in his throat the day before the surgery I was surprised he could swallow at all.  Given that Little had just done 17+ days of 3 different anti-botics, that they were not infected is a very good thing.  When get got to the post-recovery room to see him a nurse was holding him.  He vas crying, I could hear him, and identify his cry down the hall, I held him and he went right back to sleep.  I asked him if he wanted to nurse, he said yes, but then just rested his head on the offered breast, content to no longer be denied, and slept. 

Little Brother came home on, and is still on, prescription pain medication.  The follow up instructions state it is fine if he doesn’t eat for 2 or 3 days not to worry, they do not know my boy.  30 minutes home and he was demanding noodles!  He ended up eating noodles (a few times) a banana, a few spoons of mashed potatoes and gravy, and a couple of crackers though out the day.  Getting him to drink, while much more important, was much more difficult.

He was groggy and cranky till about 4, then still cranky till I finally got him to bed about 10.  Today he is rearing to go and no one would ever guess anything happened yesterday.  He and Big Brother have been wrestling, and running and diving over van seats as I cleaned out the van and everything they normally do.  I am keeping him on the pain medication every 4 hours and will do so for a while even as he acts normal. 

All that is left is to hope and pray that the random high fevers do not return.



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4 responses to “Little Brother’s tonsils and adenoids removeal

  1. Laura

    I am glad all went as planned (except for the rude staff) here’s praying the fevers are GONE for good..

  2. Glad all went well. Hoping that this is the answer for you. ❤

  3. Crystal

    I am really hoping this was the cause of the fevers, and that he can be healthy and happy again! I am glad that it all went smooth. (except for the rude staff!)

  4. Auntie Roo

    He is a very wonderful Boy and I am proud of him and his brother. Glad Pat was there to help with the information for him so he wasn’t afraid. She is wonderful too.

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