Good day to be a kid here.  Little Brother and I finger painted while Big Brother practiced for preschool gradation.  Then both boys got to finger paint outside this afternoon.  Toss in some hose / water play (and all time perfect activity here) on a sunny and 70’s day and you have pretty much a grand day to be a child.

*giggle giggle* As most of you know I am deep into trying to get big Brother to count to 100 correctly.  It is the ONLY ‘preschool’ goal I had for him that he has not met (and frankly had not checked off 9 months ago).  So I am keep trying to find ways to engage him, I think he’ll master the skill as soon as I can get him to practice it.  Part of our problem I think is the tediousness of counting to 100 – after 20 it is the same and so he gets his 30’s and his 40’s all mixed up.  Today Little Brother wanted a treat and I had a great idea.  I pulled out a bag on chocolate chips and told Big Brother that he could have as many as he counted correctly!  So Little had a vested interest in NOT brothering Big too – since they both get the same serving.  Today we got to 14; he skipped 15 to go to 16, so the chips stopped at 14.  For once he didn’t argue my serving number; I think he kinda saw his role He asked if we could do that again tomorrow. 

Have a folding hanging rack for hanging drip dry clothing on?  I do (got it for diaper covers and other stuff like that).  Best use for it ever…

We are attempting to garden again this year, I say attempting as last year did not go so hot.  Daddy got a tiller this year and the garden spot has been enlarged to 3x the size it was before.  We’ll see.  I hope it grows better the boys made a real effort in the planting and seem a lot more connected to it this year. 

This plant is currently in a glass of water, to see if we can grow new roots.  Little Brother tried to pull it out of the starter cup to plant like Big Brother was successfully doping with Daddy.  He was very upset to break it, but there are many more plants, it was ok.



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5 responses to “5.23.11

  1. Crystal

    I did the same thing with counting with my daughter using popcorn! She was allowed to eat as many pieces as she counted. It worked great! lol I plan on doing it with my middle child this fall.

  2. Yay for gardening! My girls LOVE peas. That is their favorite to plant seeds for, because they are actually peas.

    • the boys each got 2 mounds of pumpkins of ‘theirs’ — also we planted corn, green beans, bell pepers, tomatos, cucumbers and Big wanted carrots so we planted them too.

  3. pamela

    There’s lots of fun counting tricks with kids. If they have a vested interest then yes they will progress! SO in between try counting blocks, toys, pencils, crayons so that they can get past that number that sticks them!

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