Practicing Patience

I have two boys. I have two ACTIVE boys. I have two adventurous boys. My boys do not jump in to life with both feet as some children do; they cannonball into life with their whole bodies, and without looking.  My boys race from activity to activity, they bounce from discussion to discussion, springboard from interest to interest. I am blessed to be challenged to see life though their eyes, and what a life it is. Everything is new and exciting and worthy of examination; every happening a novelty and every experience an adventure. I do not always succeed and I have more than I fair share of frustrations trying to guide these creatures into a already established reality, but often as not my frustration is misplaced. They are boy; they are young and the world stand before them full of wonder, joy and adventure.

Not all virtues come equally to a child, even an innocent 3 or 5 year old.  Quiteness, stillness, patience are hard concepts for small children; some more so than others.  Virtues, skills, challenging to grasp the value of and more demanding still to practice. Being quiet, being still and being patient are indeed skills to practice and learn, not innate abilities.

Today we practiced patience, stillness and quiet. Or at least we endeavored to. We took the boys fishing; an experience where the virtues are practical and not just abstract confinements. OK, so they still were not very still, very quiet or very patient; but everyone had a good time and only by repetition of opportunity can we expect the boys to master any skill. They boys got some daddy time; I hope some memories, and some family fun. Three fish got caught, touched, and released; and only two worms lost their lives for all this

.Headed home, by way of each and every puddle in the road. 


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5 responses to “Practicing Patience

  1. Auntie Roo

    So they were released, good you won’t have to cook them!!!! They are gems

  2. Auntie Roo

    That brings back memories of Scott, Mike and I fishing at the big pond here.

  3. Crystal

    That looks like fun!!!!!

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