A glimpse of travels 4: Hanging out with Grandparents

While we were at the grandparent’s the boys and I actually stayed all but one night at my best-friend-since-highschool’s house (mother to my 3 Godchildren and “other momma” to my boys).  One dinner time as the crew of 5 children and 2 mommas left Grandma andPaPa’s house Big Brother cried and BEGGED to be allowed to stay the night.  He reminded me that he already spent one night with them alone.  Actually he slept in their room the last time they visited us, one of the nights, Big felt that he had indeed already reached the milestone of sleeping away from momma.  After much discussion of Momma NOT being down the hall this time, and getting Grandma’s agreement he got his wish.  Big Brother spent his first night away from momma and daddy EVER – his request, his choice and because he was ready and it went great!! 

Photo by Little Brother

Big Brother had just assinged Pa Pa the role of King in the Princess Movie

Pa Pa is the best reader, i still love to listen to him!!


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