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a little family fun

There are some great places here, they even look like home!! (photos of me taken by Little Brother)



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Molly May 2011

Molly is almost 6 month old!!  (Dec 7, 2010).  She is 40 pounds, and looks to be to a good state on hunting.

I have to say, it as hard to get a decent photo of her as either of the boys 🙂








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Big Brother’s Last Day of Pre-School

Big Brother is 5 years, 6 months, 1 week and 4 days old!!  

Big Brother is blessed to have a late birthday (Nov) and thus by age he is not legally required to be enrolled in kindergarten till this upcoming fall (fall of 2011).  Thus, this school year Big Brother has gone to the local district pre-school classroom 3 hours a day, twice a week to meet the Speech Therapist (Miss Emily) and work one-on-one with the classroom teacher Mrs. Cramer.  This classroom time also allowed for peer interaction, his biggest challenge currently with regard to his speech IS peer interaction and being understood by strangers. 

He, and his class of 70 peers, “graduated” from pre-school Tuesday night.   

Looking at these photos I can not believe this is my little tiny, almost blue, 5 pound baby boy.  I remember the fear, the day we were to bring him home, because he weighed exactly 5 pounds, and 5 pounds was of course the bottom weight limit of the pumpkin car seat we had.  I was so worried they weight him again, or refuse to let us take him because of how small he was in the seat. 

He is a big boy now:  46 inches tall (one of the tallest in his class, course one of the oldest too) and a full 41 pounds. 



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Library visit 5.25.11

Library visit today.  My boys are so blessed to have a great library to visit and so much more blessed to have a great and amazing Library Director that loves them and understand them.  Their maturity on library visits has skyrocketed and I am so proud of them.  They both know Miss Annette is approachable and genuinely cares about them and tries to help them, and to listen to them.  I am grateful that this is the foundation of ‘library’ they will have to build on; a feeling of acceptance and enjoyment and an understanding the staff is approachable and is there to help you.

We brought home a couple of old friends

we chose many new books:

(I’ll let you guess the ‘chooser’ of the different books SMILE)

We really love Tiger Can’t Sleep and I’d love to find: Read to Tiger

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Read to Me: Raising Kids who love to READ (review)

Here is my thoughts on:  Read to Me: Raising Kids Who Love to Read 

Another: “nothing new” book that ANY of us could have written it, gladly it only took a hour to read. 

The author did not challenge herself, nor did she add anything to the ‘collective’ thought process about reading and reading kids.   Sadly, she does not challenge the reader / parent either. 

Her over all ‘advice’ — to have kids that love to read, they need to be read to AND given access to things the LIKE to read independently.  REALLY!!!???  I am so glad she authored this book to tell me that, i never ever thought of either of those facts before — such an eye opener!!

I did like this quote on page 21 “Around the time a child reaches junior high school his or her reading ability catches up with listening ability.  But until then, children are better listeners than readers. (written pertaining to reading aloud to older children, and to the level of read-a-loud vs the level of books a child can read alone).  I think this is something we all ‘knew in our hearts’ — but the fact is nice.  However, she offer no cite or foundation for it, again so I might as well say it to you as she write it.

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Painting in a different environment

We took the finger painting outside.  The boys found rocks in the rock garden to hold the paper, they striped to underwear and had at it.

At first we tried paint in containers.  Soon, however, we discovered that it worked better for the boys to choose a color and point to a spot on the paper and Momma’d ‘drip’ some there for little hands to swirl or smush or mix. 

Big Brother was telling stories of what he was painting as he did his pictures, Little brother just got in to the paint.

A great deal of fun was had by all – and the hose took care of the mess on driveway AND children!!!


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Little Brother’s Day 5.23.11

Pretty good day to be Little Brother.

Hose play with his ‘baby’.  Molly loves vater like no other day.

Finger painting too (twince actually, he got to paint alone, then again with Big Brother outside)


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