Our Chosen Kindergarten Curriculum (final)

Because I know you are all anxiously awaiting the final choices ;0)

(all in addition, of course, to constant read-a-louds which I will be keeping track of here.  I am continually trying to ‘step up’ our reading, but as of yet Big Brother is not sitting for chapter books and Little makes them a real trial.)

It has been a challenge to make actual choices.  I take comfort that every new homeschooling mom must feel the same way.  So much hinges on ME, my choices, my interactions with the boys.  Talk about accountability – no one else to blame but me if he / they are not learning.  We have determined math and reading are the most important subjects; everything else the boys will accomplish in their education is based on reading and math (what is history but reading comprehension?  Physics but applied math?).  They (along with faith and character) shall be the main focuses.  I am reserving the right to make changes at any time and fully plan to re-assess in Jan 2012 and see how it is going. 

We are not going to push.  I hope to spend some time in ‘more formal seat time’ mainly for math; but flexibility shall remain the name of the game.  I am confident as I keep reading to him, he will read.  The feeling regarding school and education formed in the next year or two are the ones he will be “stuck with” for 13+ years; so they need to be GOOD feelings not fear, anxiety and stress. 

For now I am not planning formal Handwriting, I have chosen the style want to use, but Big Brother fine motor is still behind and I do not want to place undue pressure on him.  I hope in Jan 2012 to start more formal handwriting. 

 Here we go – the “as of now” final list …

CORE –> Character Development:


Kids of Integrity is a set of free resources that will help you coach your kids with confidence and a clear sense of direction. Better still, Kids of Integrity will excite your children about living “God’s way.”   Each lesson features Bible-based discussions plus crafts, games, and object lessons from science, nature and even home cooking.

CORE –>Reading/ Phonics

CORE  –> Mathematics

CORE –> American Sign Language

CORE –> Bible

Critical Thinking

Social Studies

  • Though read-a-loud and art






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2 responses to “Our Chosen Kindergarten Curriculum (final)

  1. Crystal

    This sounds pretty perfect! I love that you are going to wait on formal handwriting right now due to his challenges. Handwriting is something we struggle with. (she is just not a kid good at physical stuff) I think it will be much easier and beneficial to him to wait another year to start in with handwriting formally.

  2. Awesome list, thank you for sharing!!

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