miracles do you see them?

This is my first monthly Hearts At Home blog hop post.  The third Thursday of each month there will be a new HAH topic.  Today we consider miracles; and their role in our lives and our faith: 

Miracles are real, they abound daily.  Some astound the educated and flash for the entire world to see.  Some whisper and speak God into the soul of the needy faithful.  Most people expect, when you speak of a miracle, something substantial and grand like the blind being given sight, the lame walking, the dead rising.  Those are all miracles Christ Himself did in his time on earth; but to be a miracle does it have to be so dramatic?

Simply put from the Catholic Encyclopedia:  A miracle is a factor in the Providence of God over men.  Furthermore:  the contention of some modern writers, that a miracle requires an immediate action of Divine power, is not true. It is sufficient that the miracle be due to the intervention of God, and its nature is revealed by the utter lack of proportion between the effect and what are called means or instruments.

Grand sweeping miracles do still happen, and are real; consider Fatima, 1917 between 70,000 and 100,000 people, witnessed the sun dim, change colors, spin, dance about in the sky, and appear to plummet to earth, radiating great heat in the process. After the ten-minute event, the ground and the people’s clothing, which had been drenched by a previous rainstorm, were both dry.  Nevertheless a miracle, by definition, does not have to be grand to be real.

A miracle is actually any event that is the result of an action by God; be it unexpected such as surviving a disaster that logically the person should not have; or “simply” an aspect of life that requires God’s agreement and participation to occur such as conception and birth.  Miracles are God evident in our daily walk; again a miracle is God’s province over man.  To deny miracles, or only look for the flashy ones, is to deny or limit God in our lives. 

These common miracles as one might call them for lack of a truly correct or better term; relate to the understanding that miracles are understood as being works of God, through the prayers.  Daily miracles are prays answered; big and small.  Miracles are God acting in our live; interacting with us according to His will and His plan.

A miracle is my oldest Godson who fought death the night he was born, complete with a life flight at less than12 hours old and time on life support.  Today he is a strong happy, growing pre-teen anticipating middle school in the fall.  He is a live due, fully, I believe, to the power of intercessory pray, his life is evidence of a victory in a very real spiritual battle.

A miracle is another year, another day, with my dear dear dear friend diagnosed with breast cancer when her youngest son vas 8 months old.  Today he is 3.5 and still has a healthy happy momma caring for him.  Each new day we still have her blessing all of our lives is evidence of God in our lives, a miracle.

A miracle is my oldest son; a miracle is my youngest son …

A miracle is God interacting with you…what miracles have you seen today?

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4 responses to “miracles do you see them?

  1. Thank you for reminding us that miracles are an everyday occurrence.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love looking for the “little”/everday miracles, too!

  3. “A miracle is God interacting with you” – so true. That the Creator of the universe would love and interact with his disobedient creations is truly mind boggling.

  4. I love when I see evidence of answered prayers!

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