I am excited about my new to me books:  How would Jesus raise a Child and Great Lives: American Government.  I love paperbackswap!! 

Boys dyed eggs at classroom today.  I am getting all excited for our East Egg hunt here at the house on Sunday.  (link to blog about Easter egg filling).  Little Brother had to then eat his two eggs, and for the first time ever he insisted on peeling his own egg.  I was a little worried about it, but he managed it with minimal mess.

Yes that is a size 6 shirt out of Big’s closet, not even gonna fight that one. 

You can’t ask him to smile any more without getting THIS lovely face as he yells CHEESE!!  So glad he learned that, and can’t wait till he is tired of it and I can get some good photos again. 

The boys are maturing into long more complex readings; at least Big Brother is, Little still struggles but is easier to placate.  We’ve yet to read a real chapter book (even Pooh though I am chomping at the bit to try that one again any day) but today we read Saint George and the Dragon.  Knights and Dragons are all the rage here.  The art / illustrations are amazing.   One Amazon.com reviewer was outraged by ‘undressed fairies’ – I’ll be honest I am going to have to go back and look.  Both my boys were totally into the dragons (scary but not over the top) and the shield and sword.  Some blood, but not really gory, I am quite strict and engaged regarding what my boys see (screen or print) and I was ok with it.  Quickly Big Brother made the connection to the short St George story in one of our story-collection-books; that short is one he requests over and over and over.  He immediately recognized this book as the same story even though today’s books is much more complex and elaborate and we’ll done; it is a simplification of the full text, yes, but it is not dumbed down; the plot and language are well done and worth of ‘literature’ vs a children’s short story.

One final thought – it is really pointless to try to tell two little boys (3.5 and 5.5) NOT to put bubbles on the dog’s head; when the dog is practically jumping in the tubbie with them.  Molly had to be removed, despite vocal protests of all three, because Momma did NOT want to try to clean up THAT mess. 




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3 responses to “4.21.11

  1. pamela

    FYI Grace’s class did “egg peeling” as a montessori exercise last week. I guess it’s a good fine motorskill exercise. Just so you know. Then they did “slicing” exercise of said egg. She did well. Daily life! Best learning ever! Recognize that shirt, good one isnt it? Gotta say though, my favorite photo is of the dog with her head in the bubbles. The boys are cute, but that cracks me up! Of course again gives my obsessive house cleaning side a panic attack of “I am so glad I dont have to clean up after 2 kids, a husband and a DOG!” Lol!

    • :0)

      ah but i do not clean like you do — you, i suspect, would have mopped the bathroom after that. i on the other hand took all the bath towles, wiped it all up, got all the water, tossed the towles in the washer and called it good!!

      I also did not dry dog, i put her in the other bathroom till i had the kids in bed, then tossed her outside for a time.

  2. Crystal

    I love the egg peeling! Martin loves to do that. I should let them do that today for lunch, I am making egg salad. 🙂

    I LOVE the pics of Molly wanting to get in on the tub fun. I can tell the boys are very close with her.

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