Photo by Little Brother

In Math today we finished the 10th lesson in the Receptive year of MEP.  None of these lessons have been a challenge for him (today for example one part of the lesson he drew a picture of his family, counted the members, divided adults from children and considered the age difference in the kids) but I am looking at it more as ‘following directions’ practice (another part of today’s lesson had 5 lines and he was asked to draw different things on different lines). Also practice ‘doing and accomplishing’ and staying at a task till a realistic stopping point (as opposed to just walking off and being done). I am hopeing / planning to have all the Receptive year done by fall (since there really is nothing new to him in it as far as I can see looking even at the end of the year).

I am all excited. We ventured into Trader Joes for the first time this week. I found affordable candy the boys can have on their diet. Gummie bears with no artificial colors or ingredients; also gummie penguins (and since Little is all about penguins, this was a big hit)!! We found safe gum drops!! I also was able to get safe jelly beans for them for the Easter Bunny to hide (in addition to the toys). Momma was as excited as the boys.

Worms worms worms!! Today the boys each got their own worm (and Momma is calling it Science). We took jars, momma put holes in the lids then the boys got to put in the dirt. Molly got to hang out in her play-pen the back of the truck, because she will not allow anyone to sit on the ground without jumping on top of them. It was impossible to sit and dig, and talk with her help. After the dirt, each boy got to pick a worm from the night crawlers I bought. Big was willing to touch them and actually grabbed his own; Little pointed, and seemed very excited, but let momma actually pick his up for him. Both worms toured on the big wheel and then got to watch GhostBusters with the boys.


then at the end of the day — Little Brother helped make snack….



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4 responses to “4.13.11

  1. Crystal

    What a great way to learn!

  2. pamela

    Just be careful they dont do what Mason did when he was about 4 and “leave it in the sun” because it would stay warmer that way. After lunch…we had toasted worm in a bucket! oops. He was devastated!

    Great fun good for you guys!!!

  3. Your math lesson MEP reminded me of a calico colored baby Nubian goat we had a few years back. Her named was Meep!
    I am not really sure what your MEP stands for, but our Meep was an orphaned baby that a disabled neighbor gave to us for helping him clip his does and trim hooves. Everyone in the family was sad when she passed away after picking up pneumonia during the rainy, nasty weather at State Fair that year.

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