God and Good Parenting

It had been one of those days with my 5 yo. he did not like a parenting decision I made, and he had been talking (badgering) me about it. It vas an issues too complex for him. He asked the question for the 43rd time and I finally I said “Big, I am the momma, I am the grown up. God made me to take care of you; this is part of that job of mine. You have your answer and the discussion is now done, do not ask a 44th time”. I felt bad for the boy, there is so much he simply can not understand. Daddy and I make a point of explaining our reasons, as his understanding allows, because we feel strong you can not expect a child to learn to make good decisions and choices if he (or she) has not witnessed the process. It is hard to see him hurt or disappointed by a decision on my part that, to him, seemly totally random and maybe even at times vindictive or just mean. It is a function of his limited understanding of life and the world and his limited morality that he doesn’t even understand that he can’t understand.

I started thinking, if this is the dynamic between my 5 yo and me; how does that compare to the relationship between myself and God? Makes you think, huh? My 5 yo doesn’t even start to grasp the reason I refused to let him stay in the doctor’s waiting room BY HIMSELF while his little brother saw the doctor in an exam room. To HIM that seemed a perfectly reasonable request and I appeared simply mean for refusing. Nevertheless to ME that is a ‘no brainer’. So then I am forced to ask what issues do I pester God with that are in reality so far beyond my understanding, that I do not even understand I can’t understand them??!! Yet God sees such a bigger picture than I that my petitions seems like that of a 5 year old?

On my good parenting days I take the time and try, at least the first 10 times, to explain my reason, my logic. Again, he can’t learn how to make a good moral decision, a good sound logical choice if he has not, repeatedly, been taken though the process. Also on my good parenting days I realize he simple can not understand the why of my answer and I accept that and cherish his innocent and his wants and desires and his big emotions. Just think how lucky we all are that ALL God’s parenting days are good parenting days.



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5 responses to “God and Good Parenting

  1. You were right, I love it. :happytears So thankful God doesn’t have a bad parenting moment.

  2. Gosh Aimee, I’m not even a Christian (Buddhist) and I thought that was a brilliant post! Well said.

  3. Wow… Thank you for this post. It s amazing to think about the patience and kindness God shows as He parents us.

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