A GREAT Midwest SPRING DAY!!  61 degrees at 1 pm.  The boys and I walked to the back north / east corner of the land.  Not the plan, but a nice little walk (on truck paths; not breaking though the tall prairie grass).   So nice for the weather to cooperate so the boys can spend more time outside; they explore, they dig, they investigate, they burn off energy, they find separate space, and they find independent pursuits.  So much better for them then being stuck in the house.


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3 responses to “4.5.11

  1. Carolyn

    Great pics… and such a peaceful way to spend the day.. out walking on the prairie… ahhhhhhhh

    • they going out is fun, the getting them home .. not so much. “I am tired” and Little stopping in front of me, arms up, and even the dog was dragging. But it is good for them all to tire out — i jsut can’t get them to “listen” on the way OUT that however far OUT we go we have to go home that far (course their daddy does that to me on hikes all the time “just a little more, we’ll be fine” then getting the boys all the way back to the van is a challange — so i guess that is where they learned it)

  2. Crystal

    great pics, what a nice day!

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