Thanks to paperbackswap.com the boys got, this past week, The Children’s Book of Hero’s.  Big Brother loves it.  He sat down and looked at all the pictures and has chosen a different story each day, and paid attention.  (Character Dev)

Got a couple of new books today, fitting our theme of making our reading time a bit more meaningful (gotta love that 4 for the price of 3 deal on amazon.com).


Some photos from today:

Chores are more of a challenge if the puppy doesn’t like to give the broom to you. 

Told you are boys work, Big is picking rocks the snow plow pushed off the gravel drive to earn money (we all work on this).

Little Brother is trying really hard to petal forwards and not backwards on the trike.  Big was successful on the trike the first time he got one it at 25 months, but Little still really can’t move forward. 



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2 responses to “3.31.11

  1. Carolyn Bledsoe

    Glad you’re back on… missed you!!

  2. pamela

    It just depends on each kid. Mason had more troubles pedaling the trike, but did fine on a big bike at the same time! G picked up both fast and young! Girls they do that! They had great fun though! I can tell!

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