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just a normal day

We live in a rather rural location, farm county at its finest.  Our home in set in what used to be a corn field and is now CRP land; beyond that mostly more corn.  Our place is 33 acres (28 in CRP) and most plots around us are larger, but ours is not farmed.  There are places in this country far more rural than us, but we are rural enough driving 30 plus miles to any heath care provider and as many to any grocery store beyond a simply (small) IGA with high prices, and limited selection.  I have several dear cherished friends that live in big bustling cities, or in the ‘burbs of them. Detroit,Chicago, Shanghni,Philadelphia; to name a few. 

It is to those dear friends that I dedicate today’s blog.  Full of open country and typical life.

 First I encountered yet another traffic jam on the way to the store this morning.   

This year we are doubling the size of our garden.  It is SMALL, yes, by local standards and compared to many of my friends.  However you must remember I have a black thumb and no experience.  Look back at last year, it did not go well.  Hoping this year is better, starting a bit sooner too so maybe that is going to help.  Honestly all I really want is a few good pumpkins for the boys.  We did not get ANY last year (and only 3 baseball sized watermelons) and that vas sad.  Pumpkins that grow, that is my hope for this year.  Daddy has tilled up a good part of the new garden area, we burned it first.  The boys love digging.

Molly found us a snake.  She brought it to us dead, I can not testify to how she FOUND it.  The snake, however, was stiff.

This afternoon, to enjoy the sunshine and let little boys be little boys, the 3 of us tramped across the front field to our “small creek”.  We have a BIG creek   (like that needs a bridge and all) at the back of our land, but that is too far to walk (of it is too far for Momma to want to carry the 3.5 year-old home) and it is bigger creek, and the approach to it is steep.  I have yet to take the boys there on my own and we have only taken them a couple of times together.  It is just not a playing creek; the sides are too steep and it is a big deep and fast moving (at least in the spring).  It does sport a full beaver dam; so it is worth the trip as a family.  The “small creek” is I supposed not technically a creek.  The big pond on the other side of the private road we (and 2 other families) live on “over flows” through a culvert and that culvert dumps into the “small creek” and that runs to a 2nd pond.  It is very small, but just perfect for two little boys and a puppy. 



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4.28.11 FINALLY a nice spring day !!!

This photo, COULD be my mom — I am amazed how much this photo looks like her holding Little Brother

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The boys supplements list

ok I have had a couple of requests for this – a list of the supplements the boys are on (especially Big given his self limited diet and intake).

I Have to say, I am hardly a good person to be discussing this – this is a list of the supplements I have the boys on (and why) but I know I should have them on more, again especially Big Brother.  Nutrition is not my strong point, not by a long shot.

Melatonin – this alone is a life saver for us.  Started it on advice of a Dev ped that saw him at 2.  Bedtime used to be hours of struggle – he’d be so tired, and cry and hold me, we’d rock, he’d lay and stare – he was not (generally LOL) fighting having to go to bed, he just could not go to sleep.  I felt so bad for him (and me).  Two things really helped a much earlier bedtime so he is not over tired and Melatonin.  He simply needs it to sleep.  I dislove his in his night time milk, but L:ittl Brother is ok with chewing one. 

L’il Critters Fruit & Veggie Gummy Bears, Sour.  Two have as much antioxidant power as one full serving of fruits and vegetables.  My boys get 2 doses a day. 

Note:  I use a lot of L’il Critters.   I do this for a good reason.  They are allergen free (no soy, no egg, no …) and they contain no artificial colors and stuff.  They DO have berry extract so they are not, technically, Feingold safe but since I have never seen a reaction to them, and since they are not artificial, I choose to use them anyway.

L’il Critters Gummy Vites Multi-Vitamin

L’il Critters Immune C Plus Zinc and Echinacea, Gummy Bears

L’il Critters Omega-3 Gummy Fish.  Contains 32 mg of DHA per serving (which is 20% of the 160 mg suggested daily intake).  My boys take 2 ‘doses’ a day.  They need a better Omega -3 / DHA supplement but as I said this is such a challenging subject for me.  They also likely should be taking more than they are also. 

L’il Critters Vitamin D Gummy Bears.  In the dead of winter when I can’t take them out, Little gets 2 doses a day as he drinks very little vit D milk; brother gets one.  Summer time Little gets only one and Big none.   TheAmericanAcademy of Pediatrics now recommends kids receive 400 IU of vitamin D a day.  These have 800 IUD as Cholecalciferol. 

Yummi Bears Fiber.  when these are gone I am not going to buy any more.  The GI specialist suggested them for Little Brother (so he has been taking a full does and Big a ½ if he notices Little getting his).  Really, though, I have not seen a reason for it, so I plan to stop after this bottle is gone. 

I have but they do not take:

L’il Critters Probiotic Acidophilus  More Live Active Cultures Than 10 Servings of Yogurt 2300 mg blend.  I DESIRE them to take Probiotics – but they both flat out refuse these.  Odd I think they taste like strawberry wafer candy.  Better than a lot of the medications that Little eats up with glee.  No clue.  I need to find a different Probiotic I can get in them.

I am considering:

ADDING:  L-Theanine in some form.  L-Theanine, a unique amino acid found in green tea that is emerging as the premier natural product to support mental calmness and relaxation.  I really want to try Big Brother on this.  I am looking at this one Natural Factors Suntheanine L-Theanine, Chewable Tablets but I am concerned about Big actually being willing to chew the tablets.  As of yet, he has never chewed anything but a gummy medication.

EXCHANGEING the L’il Critter Fruit and Veggie bears for Yummi Bears Wholefood Fruits & Vegetables.  Not, sure it is so challenging to make the best choices for them.

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4.26.11 — all three children today

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Easter 2011


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Little Brother 4.22 (and momma too)


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Our Chosen Kindergarten Curriculum (final)

Because I know you are all anxiously awaiting the final choices ;0)

(all in addition, of course, to constant read-a-louds which I will be keeping track of here.  I am continually trying to ‘step up’ our reading, but as of yet Big Brother is not sitting for chapter books and Little makes them a real trial.)

It has been a challenge to make actual choices.  I take comfort that every new homeschooling mom must feel the same way.  So much hinges on ME, my choices, my interactions with the boys.  Talk about accountability – no one else to blame but me if he / they are not learning.  We have determined math and reading are the most important subjects; everything else the boys will accomplish in their education is based on reading and math (what is history but reading comprehension?  Physics but applied math?).  They (along with faith and character) shall be the main focuses.  I am reserving the right to make changes at any time and fully plan to re-assess in Jan 2012 and see how it is going. 

We are not going to push.  I hope to spend some time in ‘more formal seat time’ mainly for math; but flexibility shall remain the name of the game.  I am confident as I keep reading to him, he will read.  The feeling regarding school and education formed in the next year or two are the ones he will be “stuck with” for 13+ years; so they need to be GOOD feelings not fear, anxiety and stress. 

For now I am not planning formal Handwriting, I have chosen the style want to use, but Big Brother fine motor is still behind and I do not want to place undue pressure on him.  I hope in Jan 2012 to start more formal handwriting. 

 Here we go – the “as of now” final list …

CORE –> Character Development:

Kids of Integrity is a set of free resources that will help you coach your kids with confidence and a clear sense of direction. Better still, Kids of Integrity will excite your children about living “God’s way.”   Each lesson features Bible-based discussions plus crafts, games, and object lessons from science, nature and even home cooking.

CORE –>Reading/ Phonics

CORE  –> Mathematics

CORE –> American Sign Language

CORE –> Bible

Critical Thinking

Social Studies

  • Though read-a-loud and art





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