Big Brother is such an odd child.  I love him, and watching him learn is amazing.  I introduced the number line to him today, both the concept of greater than and less than and the symboles.  He took to it right away.  This was after acting incapable of counting pennies.  I sat down with both boys, with the intention of seeing just how high (one to one relationship) Big Brother could count.  He acted goophy and silly and slow and never did count, correctly past 13 and I know he can do better than that.  I sent him off, and started a momma project:  I got out a calendar and turned it into a sticker chart for him to keep track of his non “time out days”.  He responded well to a small reward for going 7 days without having to be “parent removed” self control is a big struggle for him, but he is so proud of himself after the fact.  He loves “challenges” so I decided to challenge him to go more days this time.  Since learning the calendar is a goal we are working on right now I thought recording his successful or not successful days on a real calendar would give him a more tangible way to learn days and ‘how long’.  The number line sprung up as we were trying to come up with a challenge day count.  At first he was all over the board, I do not if he was just shouting random numbers at me (“let’s do 2 + 1 days Momma, is that a lot?”) and knowing he was being silly or if he really still has that weak a grasp on  the sizes different numbers.  His suggestions were all over the place from 3 to 156, by then I think he was just writing random numbers.  He seemed pretty amazed that 150+ days would be “after this summer, it would be getting cold again”.  So I made a small number line; circled the 7 (the last challenge he met) and use the < and > symbols for the other numbers on the line.  I did it more as ‘something to write as I talked’ to try to just get him to look at the number line; but he got it.  He seemed to really be paying attention to the line and how the numbers related on it.  “This side is always littler momma?”  Now we’ll see how much retention he has tomorrow and if he really ‘grows in understand’.  We’ll see if he can USE the concept of greater or less than (< and >) or bigger and smaller as we talked about them in relations to numbers.  Nevertheless for today he seemed to be ‘getting it’.  We looked at the number line (1 to 15) and talked about all the numbers, in more or less random order, compared to 7 and he was right on them all.  Pretty exciting.  It continues to amaze me how some things are so quick for him, and others he just doesn’t seem to ‘grasp’.  We’ll see …



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2 responses to “3.28.11

  1. You might just have a linear thinker on you hands, dear. Keep at it… you might be able to grow this concept into other areas… following rules, concepts of first (we go to the bank), then (we go to the post office), after that (we go to the park)… and so on. Other things in this vein later on are diagraming sentences to learn grammer etc. He probably needs that “map” of how to visualize what he’s being taught. Excellent tool… keep up the good work!

  2. Crystal

    It sounds to like he is doing pretty well!

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