Little’s Blood Test Results

Remember Little Brother’s horrible blood draw and appt at the GI specialist at the Children’s Hospital?   Got all the test results back and they all came back normal / negative.  While I am certainly happy about that, I am, at the same time, frustrated.  I would genuinely like some answers regarding the seemingly random symptoms Little continues to struggles with.

The advice of Dr. Mhd Louai Manini, M.D.?  You’re gonna love this!  “let’s watch him for another week or so and see if things don’t right themselves”.  OK.  So I brought in 13 weeks of detail notes regarding fevers, eating, behavior, stools, weight gains and losses and medical appointments; but watching him another week or 2 is going to help the situation??

Nice guy, I really did like him, but please – if you do not have an answer just tell me so.

So now Daddy and I have to decide if we want to give it more time, or go back to the Ped (Dr Amy Kimball, we love her) and see about pursuing immunity issues? 

His symptoms are that that serious; since he is in general still gaining weights and the weight losses correct themselves in a week or two.  Nevertheless, given he has been struggling with this mystery malady since the first of 2011 and while not getting worse is not over it either is a cause for a Momma to worry.  Actually I am more worried about his body’s inability to conquer this (virus?  Bug?) lingering illness than I am about the illness itself.



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3 responses to “Little’s Blood Test Results

  1. Carolyn Bledsoe

    You’re right Aimee… They don’t have an answer. I’m of the opinion that sometimes medical practice is just that… PRACTICE.. But that doesn’t alleviate your concerns, I know.. wish I had some sort of wise solution, but I don’t, so I’ll just say…. stop worrying about it, wait the week, and see what happens. And I’ll keep him in my “little” prayers… Love you.

  2. Crystal

    I wish they were more honest and would say they just don’t know what is going on. No talks of scoping him? I think you need to pursue immunity studies. Waiting a week or two when this has been going on for weeks is just a way to get you out the door.

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