Crocdiles need kisses TOO

The boys each attend preschool classroom a few hours a week for their IEP services; so they each have a “classroom” of their own.  Since the school does a Scholastic order each month, we have assess to that.  I love it, talk about a slow allotment of crack for an addict – a book order once a month.  LOL

Each classroom had an identification number for use on orders, and each classroom gets credit for their orders and thus the classroom gets free stuff 9mostly books) that they teacher can choose.  So I order 2 books each month, one from the ‘account” of each room; feed my addiction and enable others too.

I recently got the book Crocodiles Need Kisses too.  Oh MY the boys LOVE it.  Even Little Brother who rarely listens to an entire book ONCE asks for it over and over and over again. 

Makes Momma so very happy when I stumble on a book they really like. 


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One response to “Crocdiles need kisses TOO

  1. Crystal

    your boys sure seem to love to read, just like momma. 🙂

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