brain candy for momma

I got a book, 100 Years of Children’s Books in America as a reference for books for the boys.  Also I love the study of Child’s Books (books like The Magic Kingdom are fascinating to me).  So 100 Years serves a dual purpose; it was an interesting look at Children’s Lit decade by decade and also a great collection of notable titles many I had not ever heard of; it also includes a list of all the Newbery and Caldecott award winning books and Honor books.  Everyone knows how I love a good book list.

 I have a dear dear friend that has 9 children, ranging from 18 months to 20 years; and she has GIRLS something I do not have, and older kids (of course) that read.  I had a great time, and eventually loaned her the book, noting book I thought some of her children and teens might be interested in, in addition to creating quite a list to add to my ‘books to look at for the boys’ list.  As I took note of more books for her teen girls I realized there were a lot of ‘young adult’ books that I had missed in my own youth. 

Thus started my current reading tread.  I am ‘catching up on’ award winning, or notable, young adult fiction that I have never read.  I am having so much fun.  The books are quality if not challenging.  The stories are honest and not ‘complex for the sake of being complex’.  I can read an entire novel in a day or maybe 3; it is fast and satisfying. 

I am staying away from the deep dark novels that seek to ‘expose the dark side of life’.  Homelessness, mental illness, death, drugs, abuse, homosexuality and the other hot topics of “realistic fiction” are of no interest to me.  I have worked in youth shelters, I have worked in batter women’s shelters, I have been a CASA, I have been in family court, I have sat up all night with crying children – I do not have any desire to squander the very little free time I can carve out to read (sitting in cars waiting on appointments, or nursing a sick 3 year old for example) on emotional turmoil.  I admit that while I am seeking quality and ‘good books’ I am still seeking to enjoy mind candy and so I am looking for the happy ending.  With the exception, I guess, of tough and touching novels (some out and out fiction, some based on reality) of children in Nazi Germany so on, historical stuff. 

I am reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond currently. 

Here are a few of the books I have read:

Here are a few of the book I have (thank you waiting for me to read:

(I desire:  Mr. Revere and I: Being an Account of certain Episodes in the Career of Paul Revere, Esq. as Revealed by his Horse also)



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7 responses to “brain candy for momma

  1. Fun!! I need to take more time to read for pleasure. Dan always has a great list of books for me and others to read. He’s such an avid reader and great teacher- I’ll never catch up to him literature-wise, even though I also love to read.

    • There is a lot of good stuff out there, but i can’t track “adult fiction” (esp the GOOD stuff) long enough — it seems too much like work or challange and require mental effort i don’t have to spare — thus the ‘young adult’ theme. some of it is like 9 to 12 (supposedly) reading level and can really be read in one day. 🙂

  2. Quinn

    For every grown up book I read, I read about 3 or more young adult books. 🙂

  3. Crystal

    I don’t like reading heavy dark stuff, either. It makes me depressed.

  4. Yep, i have enough reality — i do not to read it too. LOL I like the historical stuff, i know the end ing going into it — but i jsut do not like the deep, dark, and “real.

  5. pamela

    I dont know how you find the time! Even when I am doing things like sitting in the car (which I cant read while driving you know) or waiting I am usually making lists of things I need to do, or making my phone calls to the US! good for you! someday I’ll get to read for fun again! Right now I only read research and kids heath stuff it seems!

    • i do NOT have a lot of time, i force myself to find it — As we go from appt to appt — if we have lag time i try to read (like Little gets out of ST 50 minutes before Big, we hit the post office then have to wait… so ther eis time). I also try to read MY book on the sofa in the afternoons as Little starts to want to nurse, i have to stop every 3.4 seconds to discuss a superhero; but it is something.

      i’d looooove to have a driver —- i’d read all the time as i was driven all over — ahhhhhhhhhhhhh that sounds like a vacation, ohhhh. If Dh and i run errands with the boys — i read as i sit in the van with the kids ….i try not to be rude and read as DH drives, but ohhh i’d love to.

      i have to force myself — but it is something, i think the boys need to see me read for fun if i want them to read for fun and believe me that i value it.

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