Library yesterday.  Took Molly with us since it was warm enough for her to wait in the car, and also library trips are short.  She was kinda shaky in the car, so we need to get her out and about more.  Generally she will be going with me / us almost all the time; the only reason she has been home for the last two weeks has been the extreme cold.  I took her with me today to take the boys to classroom and let her walk around the park a bit too.

New Library books:


  • The Littlest Wolf (new)
  • Please Bury Me at the Library (new)
  • My Best Friend Moved Away (new)

 Big Brothers:

  • Desmond and the Naughty Bugs.
  • Batman: Race Against Crime
  • Superman: Robo Monster
  • Over in the Jungle

 Little Brothers:

  • Olivia Forms a Band (new)
  • Olivia (new)

Big’s OT Therapist gave us a list of sensory activity to try out at home.  We made boy-sandwiches!!  The boys got to do it to me too, but no photo of that. 






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3 responses to “2.17.11

  1. pamela

    Nothing against poor Molly but I can think of a dozen other things you’d probably rather be doing than walking her around when the boys are in class. And wait a minute, whose dog is she? hahaha! Ya know Mr. Cao’s dad takes his pet to work (even though his wife doesnt work and is at home all day). Of course, he has the same pet as Mason, a bug!

    • momma has to do what momma has to do. she only got 10 minutes, i got bored LOL and i had to shop and sit and read for a time too — if Dh had a bug — he’d take it with him too —

  2. Crystal

    I love the kid sandwiches!

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