Molly 11 weeks old: home for 2 weeks…

Molly has been home 2 weeks (well it was 2 weeks Sunday).  Today she is 11 weeks old (DOB 12/7/10)

She came home at 9 pounds on Jan 30th

and here she is today 🙂

16 pounds — yep almost doubled. 



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6 responses to “Molly 11 weeks old: home for 2 weeks…

  1. Crystal

    She is beautiful. I want one!

  2. ❤ ❤ So happy for you guys. She's a keeper!

  3. Wow that’s a big puppy! (At least compared to what I’m used to. Narcissa is 17 lbs at 18 months old and full-grown. Kindlelyn is 24 lbs, same age as her litter sister and my baby girl, Fedora is like 5 lbs at almost 5 months old.) I’d forgotten just how big Labs were, since we lost Obsidian almost 4 years ago.

    • well — her mom was 45 pounds and her dad ONLY 55. SMALL genes. Our female was 65 or so and our male 100 … so we are expecting Molly to be TINY as for as our family goes. She was 2nd biggest in the litter so we hope she’ll be 50 — if a dog is too small they can’t hunt

  4. pamela

    Love the photos with the boys and the ones outside too! She is so pretty! Tell Daddy I said congrats on his new baby girl!

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