accomplished the past few days …

Ok 🙂

Daddy traveled for the last week, so Momma dug deep into a cleaning / re-doing project. 

I actually had a blast.  I had a ton more planned, but I ended up with 2 sick boys, 3 extra appointments and the one big project I DID get done, took a lot long then I expected.  I am sorely disappointed at all I did NOT get done, but kinda happy about what did accomplished. 

I thought I took more BEFORE photos but these are the only 2 I have:

My biggest goals: to reclaim my counters from piles of paper (mail, bills, things to file, things to deal with, kids art, and so on) and to create an easy to system for my ‘life’ (the calendar, the mail, the school stuff for the boys,):  all of this with the intention of stopping the feeling of ‘constantly drowning or being overwhelmed’ by takes and stuff and the kitchen. 

The rest of these photos are of the project DONE. 

Counter CLEANED.  This near end is the end that has forever been covered in stuff.  At the end of this counter you see a plastic set of drawers.  This is for the boys to be able to reach, they choose activities out of this (counting, fine motor, etc) that I stock the night before in a very modified work box system. 

I used to have 3 cabinets that had food and also ‘non-standard kitchen stuff’ (like my tubbie of glue and tape and so on).  I re-did it to have food / cooking stuff in one cabinet; one of the others dedicated STUFF and the 3rd is stuff and cooking tools (as opposed to stuff and food).  I am hoping this will keep the cabinets cleaner.  Less struggling with food and stuff in the same one, and less reason to mess with stuff since there is no food there.  The cabinet that is stuff and kitchen tools houses the less used tool (my biggest stock pot for example)

This is a cabnet that used to be part stuff and part food.  I re-did things to make this all food and standard kitchen tools.

These are my two main STUFF cabinets. 

This is the FAMILY BUSINESS cabinet.  Incoming and outgoing mail, my “to do” stuff.  Daddy’s incoming mail, his ‘current stack of things’.  The cell phones, the camera, pens and so on – all the stuff that it takes to run a family.  You can see my broken toy tubbie and my confiscated toy tubbie; and dedicated spots for the box tops for education and milk caps our family saves for the local school. 

This is my / our homeschooling cabinet.   The binders in the back hold the boys portfolios (Kindergarten and Preschool both for Big Brother and Preschool for Little) and my mastered (sorted by subject).  Trying to make my life easier and make sure we actually access all the cool resources I find for us and don’t forget them till too late; as the boys get older and into more serious educational endeavors Momma needs to be on her toes. 

This cabinet is the mixed one.  The remaining kitchen tools (stock pots, cookie cutter and so on) and the remaining FAMILY BUSESS and HOMESCHOOL supplies (a tubbie of glue and table, a tubbie of scissors and so on).

oh to keep it clean … that is the challange ….



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4 responses to “accomplished the past few days …

  1. Wow. I am seriously jealous over here, especially of the counters. Great job!

  2. Love it, Amy! What a nice kitchen you have. 🙂

    I am beginning a three-day ‘week-end’, and have the whole house on my agenda for ‘spring’ (ie, it’s light at 7:30 and 4:30!) cleaning. The house is the easy part; sorting my desk/office with it’s piles of paper and homeschooling stuff, that is going to be a little harder. Thanks for the inspiration!

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