Starting another pre-school binder

As I close Big Brother’s Pre-School Binder, I am starting one for Little Brother.   Hard to accept but he is 3 years and 3 months old!!!  Here is his first assessment for the start of his binder 🙂  and here is the blank standards our family chooses to use for the ‘pre-school years’. 

Pre-school Check List:

Little Brother


3 years and 3 months

1st assessment of goals


Taken from:

  • BLUE – he has not mastered
  • GREEN – do not apply to us / him

Again he is currently non-verbal (save 5 or so utterances) so all of the verbals are a no-go at this time, he may have the understanding but I can’t tell. 


* Understands big and little.
* Understands long and short.
* Matches shapes or objects based on size.

Colors and Shapes

* Recognizes and names primary colors.
* Recognizes circles.
* Recognizes rectangles.
* Matches shapes or objects based on shape.
* Copies shapes.


* Counts orally through 10.
* Counts objects in one-to-one correspondence.
* Understands empty and full.
* Understands more and less.

Reading Readiness

* Remembers objects from a given picture.
* Knows what a letter is.
* Has been read to frequently.
* Has been read to daily.
* Looks at books and magazines.
* Recognizes some nursery rhymes.
* Identifies parts of the body.
* Identifies objects that have a functional use.
* Knows common farm and zoo animals.
* Pronounces own first name.
* Pronounces own last name.
* Expresses self verbally.
* Identifies other children by name
* Tells the meaning of simple words.
* Repeats a sentence of 6-8 words.
* Completes incomplete sentence with proper word.
* Has own books.
* Understands that print carries a message.
* Pretends to read.
* Uses left-to-right progression.
* Answers questions about a short story.
* Tells the meaning of words heard in story.
* Looks at pictures and tells a story.
* Identifies own first name in manuscript.
* Prints own first name.

Position and Direction

* Understands up and down.
* Understands in and out.
* Understands front and back.
* Understands over (on) and under.
* Understands top, bottom, middle.
* Understands beside and next to.
* Understands hot and cold.
* Understands fast and slow.


* Understands day and night.
* Knows age and birthday.

Listening and Sequencing

* Follows simple directions.
* Listens to a short story.
* Listens carefully.
* Recognizes common sounds.
* Repeats a sequence of sounds.
* Repeats a sequence of orally given numbers.
* Retells simple stories in sequence.

Motor Skills

* Is able to run.
* Is able to walk a straight line.
* Is able to jump.
* Is able to hop.
* Is able to alternate feet walking down stairs.
* Is able to march.
* Is able to stand on one foot for 5-10 seconds.
* Is able to walk backwards for five feet.
* Is able to throw a ball.
* Pastes objects.
* Claps hands.
* Matches simple objects.
* Touches fingers.
* Able to button a garment.
* Builds with blocks.
* Completes simple puzzles (5 pieces or less).
* Draws and colors beyond
* a simple scribble.
* Able to zip a zipper.
* Controls pencil and crayon well.
* Cuts simple shapes.
* Handles scissors well.
* Able to copy simple shapes.

Social-Emotional Development

* Can be away from parents or primary care givers for 2-3 hours without being upset.
* Takes care of toilet needs independently.
* Feels good about self.
* Is not afraid to go to school.
* Cares for own belongings.
* Knows full name.
* Dresses self.
* Knows how to use handkerchief or tissue.
* Knows own sex.
* Brushes teeth.
* Crosses residential street safely.
* Asks to go to school.
* Knows parents’ names.
* Knows home address.
* Knows home phone number.
* Enters into casual conversation.
* Carries a plate of food.
* Maintains self-control.
* Gets along well with other children.
* Plays with other children.
* Recognizes authority.
* Shares with others.
* Talks easily.
* Likes teachers.
* Meets visitors without shyness.
* Puts away toys.
* Able to stay on task.
* Able to work independently.
* Helps family with chores.


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7 responses to “Starting another pre-school binder

  1. Mamato3

    Aldria has many of those mastered. Minus all the school stuff, she does not want to be apart from Josh or I for any length of time…

  2. you are SOOOO ORGANIZED! I still have 2 years of unfiled IEP stuff (Charlie) and school stuff for both.

    • i have too many requests to share thing (School needs the OT report, the Ped needs to see the IEP, the OT needs a copy of the IEP and so on) — I got real behind on Big Brother; but i caught up and if no other fieling gets done, the school / SN does.

      (but, uhhhhh do not ask me the location of the 2010 or 2009 txes, i can find the years BEFORE them …. hummmm not all my order is so good)

  3. pamela

    OK I’m a terrible mother. I dont have a list like this for either of my kids and they are older than Little Brother for you! Where did you get this list? Very interesting. I”d love to know who decided this criteria. Good news is, short of not being able to zip a zipper or do a button, or know her address and phone number (oops Mason doenst know hs address either, just his phone # and Mr Cao’s phone #) Grace can do 98% of this list! She has trouble with scissors, but can use them, just not with good control. Not to brag or anything but she can put together a 40 piece puzzle alone has been since about June. But then again. she is a girl. did I mention she knows the nursery rhymes in both english and chinese? lol. (twinkle twinkle little star, and I’m a little tea pot! so funny to listen to in both languages!). She is so different than her brother though.

    good for you to put this stuff together and identify areas you need to focus on. I am so bad. Grace has been so easy and things have been picked up without me even trying. Thanks God because where she is easy, as you know Mason is hard. There are things on this list he cant do (focus o n a task – only if its Legos, button pants, )

  4. Crystal

    V still can not do a button and is 50/50 with a zipper. How is a 3 year old to use a zipper independently? Unless my kids are behind…

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