This is Molly:

Molly is an 8 week old Labardor puppy that joined our family Sunday.  She is registered and maybe, someday, if she looks good, hunts well and has a great temperament she might get to have puppies; she is black factor yellow so we’d breed her to a cholate male.  The boys love her and are getting better at playing.  Big insists she sleep in our bed each night and Little is dilligant about keeping her water bowl filled. 


This is Gunner, Molly’s dad:


This is Ivy as a puppy, Molly’s Momma:


Molly already a part of the family.


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6 responses to “MOLLY

  1. pamela

    awwww! this could be a great teaching tool for the kids! I know they are young for responsibility, but little jobs (like dog toy picker upper and water dish alarm) can be great! My kids are jealous!

    • Big gets to pour food (mesured by MOMMA) and Little id DEVOTED to the water dish; and Molly for her part has learned to go to the water dispencer if she vants water (Momma allows ONLY a small amount of water in the water bowl at a time; due to 3 yo and puppy both). It is getting better —

  2. LOVE!! Love the name Molly too. ❤

  3. Crystal

    so cute. I am jealous.

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